Touhou Celebrity ~ABUNAI SISTERS~

Lyrics:溝口ゆうま, ココ Arrange:yohine Vocal:小宮真央 (Asterisk@), ココ, 樹詩音

Each day we are going from bad to worse...thats boring!
Hey! Sister!
What if we have a feast?
Okay, fine.
But we must make it very entertaining!
Of course, that's in my account!

Love & hug! kyuun~ Hugs & kisses!
Love & hug! kyuun~ Hugs & kisses!

Love & hug! kyuun~ Hugs & kisses!
Love & hug! kyuun~ Hugs & kisses!

It seems fun, tell us all about the fiesta.
Let's see, now that plan (usare?)

In the light of the full moon,
we will have a brilliant fiesta!
With these hands, to be fabulously, extraordinary

A wide variety of sweets,
prepared with much affection.
Some aphrodisiacs, with melted chocolate,
I wonder if I can reach

It is always the same with you two girls,
doing that, we increase the work of preparation.
Insolence, this recalls your position as maiden!
If you do not ant to be back to being our toy!
Forgive me please...

Tying someone up with sweets,
(It isn't a game, it isn't normal)
With a liston of satin red
The guest will not be entertained!
(Do not entertain by the ornaments!) if you are missing ornaments!

The sisters scarlet,
(With the true geniuses)
with and excellent and happy aura!
And this time, this is dedicated,
to all of the girls!


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