Ecstasy Masochistic

Arrange: ARM Lyrics: 夕野ヨシミ Vocal: miko(Alternative ending) Voice: quim


Ladies and gentlemen!
Here is the most masochistic princess in tonight!
Are you ready?
Come on now! Gensoukyou No.1 Mesubuta[1], Miss Hinanai Tenko!





Nani wo sarete mo ii wa, kimochi ga ii nara
Kanjiru itami subete amaku hageshiku

You can do anything to me, as long as it feels good.
All the pain I feel is so violently sweet.

Koukai shinai Hansei mo shinai
Yousha nai oshioki ga ima sugu hoshii

Show regret... I will not. reflect about what I did... I will not.
I don't want forgiveness, I just want to be punished right away.

Hisou no yorokobi wa tada osamaru koto mo shirazu ni
Naburare takamariyuku kirameku uchouten e

All the pleasure of Scarlet Weather, you don't know you were satisfying me
Just kept teasing me until I reached a shining ecstasy.


Hakoirimusume no wagamama zanmai Tenko no bousou tomaranai
Angai tenkai kekkou zonzai Mokunin shita mama sawannai
Kon'ya no tenkai imifu na genkai Masaka no majiresu shinjinai
Honto no jitsuryoku sore hodo demo nai Jintoku mo nai Mune mo nai

A spoiled and completely selfish girl; Tenko's rampage won't stop.
The heavens are unexpectedly rough; they put up with it and won't touch it.
In tonight’s development, a meaningless limit; I can’t believe you're a fan-favorite.
It has nothing to do with her actual strength; she doesn't have any virtues or any chest!


Ecchi na no wa dame datte itteru desho? Kono chijounin domo ga!

Didn’t I told you not to be lewd? You damn ground-dwellers! [2]

Nani wo sareru ka itsumo kitai ni tokimeku
Arekuruu kairaku ni oborete itai

I'm always excitingly waiting for what you are going to do to me.
I want to drown in the pleasure of your rage.

Gaman wa shinai Shinbou mo shinai
Kono mune no katsubou wo mitashite hoshii

Patience, I have none. self-control, I have none.
I just want to satisfy these desires in my chest.

Hisou no nouryoku wa tada mikiwame matoi kiru koto
Hokori wo kizutsukerare ikari wa uchouten e

All the skills in the Scarlet Weather, I was figured out and beaten.
Hurt my pride and my anger took me to an ecstasy. [3]


(Zawa... zawa...)

(Zawa... zawa...)[4]


Motto motto watashi wo nonoshirinasai yo
Ii kara mesubuta to yobinasai yo
Motto watashi ni kamainasai yo

More… abuse me more!
Go ahead, call me a maso bitch!
Give me more attention!

Te te te te Tenko
Hinanai Tenko
Futsuu ja tarinai Tenko
Itai no daisuki Tenko

Hinanai Tenko!
The usual is no good for Tenko!
Tenko just loves the pain!

Te te te te Tenko
Megenai Tenko
Doemu de warui ka Tenko
Itai zo tondeke Tenko

Tenko will never give up!
What’s wrong with Tenko being a super-masochist!?
Tenko gets off by being hurt!

Rameeeee Tonjauuuuu

Noooo!! I’m flyinnngg!!![5]

Hisou no yorokobi wa tada osamaru koto mo shirazu ni
Naburare takamari yuku kirameku uchouten e

All the pleasure of Scarlet Weather, you didn’t know you were satisfying me
Just kept teasing me until I reach a shining ecstasy.

  • This music is an homage to "Can't Undo This!!" made by Maximizor for Juliana's Toukyou, the most famous of Japan's discotheques and the symbol of Japan's bubble economy in the late '80s.
  • In the booklet included with this song's CD, "Tenshi" is written as "Tenko".
  • [1]^ Mesubuta: Lit. "female pig" or "sow". A pejorative term that can have many meanings, but in this case translates roughly to "S&M bitch".
  • [2]^ Chijounin (地上人, lit. "people on the ground") means "commoners", while Tenjoubito (殿上人 or 天上人, lit. "people in the court" or "people above the sky") means "aristocrats".
  • [3]^ A parody of a template phrase (Ore no ikari ga uchouten ni natta) from "Bront Language", which is a mass of very characteristic, often ungrammatical phrases used by Bront, a slightly famous crazy player on the Live Net Game Board of 2ch.
  • [4]^ A common and very conspicuous sound effect in Kaiji. Used to indicate a heavy, ominous feeling.
  • [5]^ A somewhat common metaphor for reaching an orgasm, possibly originating from Cream Lemon.[citation needed])

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