Arrange: PHEVOTT Lyrics: 黒岩サトシ Vocal: Cherose

kuuhi bu fune nante jidaisakugo kana?
mie teirundeshou? hora are dayo!

Isn't a flying ship some sort of anachronism?
Can’t you see it? It’s right there!

kisoutengai darouyo ga nihachotto
shinji rarenaikamo shire naine

Isn't it fantastic? Well, this is so sudden..
You probably won’t believe it will you?

shoutaifumei no koutoumukei no hikoubuttai gahora
kuuzenzetsugo no zendaimimon no ima o dema shidayo

Look, this unidentified absurd flying object is
A once in a lifetime never before seen advent!

sora tobu fune nante rikai funoo daro?
yume de mi ta are da yo! imeeji chigau kai?
maa sora wo ton deiryasoredeiinjanai?

There's no way you could comprehend a flying ship right?
It’s what you’ve seen in your dreams! Is the image any different?
Well, it flies through the sky, shouldn’t you be happy with that?

i uma kokoro saru te yatsu nanoka? zure kurai? chotto
oosawagi ni nakamahazure nanosa

Don't you feel an unhinged passion, the kind that completely throws you off?
Well that’s because you’re being left out of the big bang!

itazura shikon dara mechakucha no paradaisu
nagare ni miwo makase karei ni henshin sa (hosi)
o tanoshimi hamada mada owa ranai

If you just get used to the tricks it's nonsensical paradise!
Just go with the flow and transform into something magnificent!
The fun has just begun!

fuke ba ton deku youna hahen wo
bara san itarakonna ichidaiji

When you spread all over the place those kind of bits
That fly off when you blow on them, you’ll have this kind of serious affair!

kuuhi bu fune nante jidaisakugo kai?
mie teirundeshou? hora menomae dayo!
hontou no sugata ha kesshite mise naikeredo
kaya no soto naramou komen dayo

Isn't a flying ship some sort of anachronism?
Can’t you see it? It’s right in front of your eyes!
I'm definitely not going to show you my true form,
So if you’re out of the loop then that’s just too bad.


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