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Romaji Title

Ooeyama Giant Swing

Arrange: ARM Lyrics: 七条レタス Vocal: miko, ビートまりお

Oe[1] ou ye, oe ou ye, koi shoubu nara
(It's a game of love)
Bonba yea, bonba yea, hiki wa shinai sa
(ah ah ah)

Ooe oh yeah, Ooe oh yeah
When it comes to the game of love
(It's a game of love!)
Knock 'em down, knock 'em down
We won't hold back!
(Ah, ah, ah!)

Tsuki no ii yoru ni (Hey guys!)
Iketeru menzu wo (Men's nakkoo)
Hiru made nomasete Stomp&Dance
Mukashi no hanashi sa

On a nice moonlit night (Hey guys!)
With some sexy guys (Men's Knuckle) ^ 
We'll stomp and dance and drink 'till noon
It's a story from long ago

Oe ou ye, oe ou ye, sakazuki susumu
(It's a party night)
Bonba yea, bonba yea, manatsu no yoru ni
(hey hey hey)

Ooe oh yeah, Ooe oh yeah, the sake cups are piling up
(It's a party night)
Knock 'em down, knock 'em down, on a midsummer night
(Hey hey hey!)

Uchira no yama de wa (Hey honey!)
Nori no ii yatsu wo (What's up?)
Asa made rachitte Rock&Sing

Back at our mountain (Hey honey!)
With those easy-to-like guys (What's up?)
We'll force 'em to rock and sing 'till morning

"Ebibari geddan nou!"

Everybody get down now!

(Giant Swing Giant Swing)
Koi ni ochireba furubokko
(Giant Swing Giant Swing)
Hi ga ochireba Gong kaan!
(Giant Swing Giant Swing)
Omae wa mou atashi no mono
(Giant Swing Giant Swing)
Gensoukyou gachi no RingSide

(Giant Swing Giant Swing)
Fall in love and you'll get knocked down
(Giant Swing Giant Swing)
Night falls and the gong sounds
(Giant Swing Giant Swing)
You're as good as mine
(Giant Swing Giant Swing)
Wrestle at Gensokyo ringside!

Sanpo to matazu ni [2]
Yowasu mawasu jaianto suingu

In less than three steps We'll drink, and we'll spin, Giant Swing!

Reero reero ree (Reero reero ree)

Reero reero ree (Reero reero ree)

Reero reero reroree (Reero reero reroree)

Reero reero reroree (Reero reero reroree)

Rerororo Rerororo ree (Rerororo rerororo ree)

Reroro reroro ree (Reroro reroro ree)

Re ro reeroro (Re ro ree)

Rero rero rero rerorororororororee (Rero rero rero rero ree)


Ai wa moumoku, koi wa shitagokoro

Love is blind, love is secret

Sono kawaii kao wo rero-rero to, ou

Singing with that cute face of yours, oh!

Anata no takumashii misshingu pawaa wo

With your burly missing power,

Omae to nara ikeru!

We can do it together!

Futari de mawaru Jaianto Suingu!

Spinning in unison, Giant Swing!

Oe ou ye, oe ou ye, koi no jiko nara
(It's the end of love)
Mia moure, mia moure, itsumo no koto sa
(oh oh oh)

Ooe oh yeah, Ooe oh yeah, in the event of love
(It's the end of love)
Mi amore, mi amore, it's the same as always
(Oh oh oh!)

Tsuki no nai yoru ni (this night!)
Iketeta futari ga (rel judes!)[3]
Sasai na kotoba de broken heart
Kanashii hanashi sa

On a moonless night (this night!)
Going out together (satisfied!)
Broke my heart with trifling words
It's a sad, sad story

Oe ou ye, oe ou ye, yodooshi agaru
(like a firework)
Mia moure, mia moure, hanabi no ato ni
(hmm hmm hmm)

Ooe oh yeah, Ooe oh yeah, staying up all night
(Like a firework) Mi amore, mi amore, after the fireworks
(Hmm hmm hmm!)

Uchira no yama de wa (Everybody!)
Ai ni ueta yatsu ga[4] (Time's comin'!)
Asa kara soude de World War X

Back at our mountain (Everybody!)
With you love-starved guys (Time's comin'!)
Together 'til morning, it's World War X

"Barorowa yarou ravu!"

"Battle Royal, oh love!"

(Giant Swing Giant Swing)
Oni no me ni mo namida ukabu hadaka-jime ni Tap! Tap! Tap!
(Giant Swing Giant Swing)
Kimi ni okuru hanataba wa koi no kyouki-kougeki sa
(Giant Swing Giant Swing)
Enchou round joutou (Ou joutou!) mou hyaku-sen-chou!?
(Giant Swing Giant Swing)
Taiman ga ii n jan (Jama sunna) kono one night stand

(Giant Swing Giant Swing)
Even an oni's eyes will tear up if they're in a choke hold, tap tap tap!
(Giant Swing Giant Swing)
The flowers I sent you were an attack from a weapon of love!
(Giant Swing Giant Swing)
The overtime round is top class! (Top class!) 100 rounds already?!
(Giant Swing Giant Swing)
One-on-one is the best (outta my way!) this one night stand

(Giant Swing Giant Swing)
Ai ni oborete tako-naguri
(Giant Swing Giant Swing)
Sake ni oborete TKO
(Giant Swing Giant Swing)
Atashi wa mou omae no mono
(Giant Swing Giant Swing)
Gensoukyou maji de baarituudo

(Giant Swing Giant Swing)
Fall in love and you'll get beaten up
(Giant Swing Giant Swing)
Fall in booze and it's a TKO
(Giant Swing Giant Swing)
I'm as good as yours
(Giant Swing Giant Swing)
It's a no-holds-barred Gensokyo tournament!

Sanpo ga matezu ni tsukamikakaru Jaianto Suingu

Those three steps can wait, hold on tight, Giant Swing!

^  It is a scatting phrase, but borrows the sound of word "Ooe", the mountain related to Yuugi Hoshiguma.
^  This phrase comes directly from "Inoki, Bomba Ye", the theme song for Antonio Inoki, a famous Japanese wrestler. However, the theme was given to him by Muhammad Ali, a famous American boxer. The original was "Ali, Bomba Ye" ("Ali, kill him" in the Lingala language), although many Japanese fans of Inoki render "bomba ye" as "bomber yeah".
^  Men's Knuckle is a flashy Japanese men's fashion magazine.
^  Based on Yuugi's spellcard, "Knockout in Three Steps".
^  This phrase is not pejorative, but merely a pun on "riajuu" (リア充), an abbreviation of "riaru de juujitsu" (satisfied with real life). "Riajuu" is net slang coined by envious, romantically challenged people who find their interests only on the internet.
^  On the lyrics card, this phrase is lined up next to "en no nai yatsu ga" (guys meant not to be with), but this is not sung.


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