Hakurei chan keidai kara rakka su

Incha Tera bimi Kamosu tainai Moreru noujiru ga α ha
Nao mo incha Ganchuu out Nearside Shogyoumujou toku Kirisame
Totsuzen Jinja Emergency Hitogata de genjou ni scramble dash
My saisen box migi ashikubi no parts Hakurei chan keidai kara rakka su

Drinking tea Tera-delicious Brewing inside of body Seeping brain juice is alpha wave
Still drinking tea Making it out of sight Kirisame preaching everything's impermanent
Suddenly Shrine emergency Scrambling dash to the spot in human form
My donation box Part of right ankle Hakurei-chan fallth out from the field of shrine


  • "genjou" (現場,げんじょう gen-jou) It is an argot in Japan used. a specific civil servant (policeman and fireman, etc.)

It is used to indicate the site with the personal suffering chiefly.
"Genba" (現場,げんば gen-ba) looks very similar to it because they are almost same except their sounds.
So they have the same meaning.

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