Romaji Title

Graduation ~ Marisa's Graduation ~

Arrange: ぼいど Lyrics: 龍波しゅういち Vocal: 祐葵, まぃ, 夢来, maya
Voice: イザベル as Marisa, はかせ as Headmaster


Tadaima yori, dai hyaku-nijuu-san-ki
Gensoukyou-ritsu Warui Koto
Hansei Suru Gakuin no
Sotsugyou-shousho juyo-shiki wo
toriokonaitai to omoimasu.
Sotsugyousei kiritsu.

The 123rd diploma-awarding ceremony of
the Gensokyo Private Academy
for Reflecting on Bad Deeds
will begin immediately.
All graduates,
please rise.


Mayoikonda hayashi no naka de
Mitsukedashita hitotsu no kibou

Lost in the middle of the forest,
I found a single hope.

Saki no mienu kurayami dakedo
Hikari tomoshi susumou

I couldn't see ahead in the darkness,
But a shining light came forth.

Ima wa dare mo shiranu to shitemo
Kitto itsuka wakaru sa

Though no one knows it now,
Someday I'm sure I'll understand.

Tomo to sugoshita ano tsurai hibi, dakedo
Subete tanoshii omoide da ne, furikaette mireba

The times I spent with my friends were tough, but
When I look back, all my memories are happy.

Utte goran yo
Danmaku ga kaze ni notte
Kimi no kokoro no naka no you ni
Motto kagayaku darou

Fire and you'll see.
The danmaku ride the wind.
I know they'll shine even brighter,
As bright as it is in your heart.


Sotsugyou-shousho juyo.
San-nen Bii-gumi, Kirisame Marisa.

We award this diploma to
Marisa Kirisame of Class 3, Group B.





San-nen Bii-gumi,
Kirisame Marisa.
Anata wa hongakuin no zen-katei wo oe,
Juubun ni hansei shi,
Hon-gakuin wo sotsugyou suru koto wo
Koko ni shoushimasu.
Marisa kun[1].
Sotsugyou shitai kai?

Marisa Kirisame of
Class 3, Group B.
You have completed all your coursework at this academy
and performed sufficient reflection,
And so we award you now with
graduation from this institution.
do you wish to graduate?


Sotsugyou shitai deesu.

Yes, I wish to graduate.


Koe ga chiisai yo!
Motto ookina koe de!

You're too quiet!
Shout it louder!


Sotsugyou shitai deesu.

Ye~s, I wish to graduate.


Zenzen kimochi tsutawatte konai!
Mou ikkai!

Your feelings aren't coming across - at - all.
Once more!


Sotsugyou, shitai deesu!

Ye~s, I wish to graduate!


Hai! Ima sotsugyou shita!
Ima kimi no kimochi sotsugyou shita yo!

Right! You are now graduated!
Your feelings are now graduated!


Kono yo subete ga
Wasuresarareta mono de
Dekite ita to shitemo,
Atashi wa zettai wasurenai

Even if this entire world
Is made of things
Gone and forgotten,
I will never forget.

Saa, tobitatou,
Sora e tsubasa habatakase, soshite
Kiyoku tadashiku ikite iku to,
Koko ni tsuyoku chigau yo

Now let me take flight.
Let me flap my wings into the sky,
And I swear firmly, here and now,
I will live purely and justly.



  • This song represents the situation after Track 12: Marisa faces imprisonment and desperately receives vocational training. And this circumstance of graduation is quite real, because students in Japan are usually forced to shout the phrases in the script by teachers, whether they feel like doing so or not.

^  These days, Japanese people no longer put "-kun", an honorific suffix specific to young boys, after a woman's personal name, except in very few cases, such as when the chairperson of the Diet calls upon a female member. In the past (at least before World War II), conservative teachers called female students by putting "-kun" after their names, but this practice has collapsed.


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