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A Millennium and the Meaning of Existence

Arrange: kaztora Lyrics: 黒岩サトシ Vocals: lily-an

A faint illusion is reflected in the far away shining moon.
Staring down this dream road,
I wonder what its end will bring.
The moon casts shadows in the gaps between the clouds. Sighing, seeking.. I wander.
When did I come to see the face of my abandoned hometown so distorted?

Ah, how many moons’ shadows are there in this universe?
The wind of the stars speaks to me.
I can’t avoid it, even separate myself from it, the guilt.
In the middle of the darkness, unexpectedly I grieve.

This unending world distorts what it means to exist.
I don’t know where to turn to, and
Only time keeps flowing.

Swaying in the broad universe is a black, insignificant star
For what was it born to point to?
It simply waits for its time.

Ah, even its existence’s meaning fades away
In this universe all alone.
Without exchanging a word, it sees
Eternity as only flowing along with time.

In this great sky you can’t count the number of shining stars,
But after how many hundred millions of stars pass away, will everything fade into darkness?

The present passes from its place and disappears into the past
There isn’t anything that stays constant
As the moon releases light onto the universe,
How many faults will it shine upon?
The thoughts of a disappearing moon.


Credit to kafka-fuura: [1]

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