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Locked Girl

Arrange: Cool & Create  Vocal: beatMARIO  Lyrics: myu314

kuraku kagetta heya hon ni umore hikikomoru shoujo wa
'kyou wa nan no you na no'
yosoudoori okimari no serifu da tobiragoshi

In a dark and gloomy room, a secluded girl is buried in books.
”What do you want today?”
And just as expected, the words come from beyond the door:

rakuto gaaru? joudan janai! kono kagi wo aketekure
omae no te wo tsuyoku nigitte kanarazu tsuredashiteyaru
rurara rurara rura

Locked Girl? You gotta be kiddin’! Open up this door!
I’ll definitely grab you by the hand and take you out.
Lulala lulala lula

hokori darake no heya hon wo tojite sekikonda shoujo wa
'anata ni you wa nai no'
sore wa nai ze itsumo sasotteru no ni kujikesou da

In a room full of dust, a girl coughs when she closed her book.
“I have nothing to do with you.”
No way! I'm always asking you out, but now I'm about to give up.

rakuto gaaru? joudan janai! kono omoi wo kiitekure
omae no namae wo tsuyoku sakende kanarazu furimukaseru ze
rurara rurara rura ie

Locked Girl? You gotta be kiddin’! Listen to this feeling!
I will cry out your name, and make you turn to face me.
Lulala lulala lula yeah

kataku tojita rakuto gaaru

A locked girl, closed in tight.

doa no mukou de tsubuyaku koe wa
namida majiri no kasureta koe da
'mou watashi ni wa kamawanaide yo'
sonna kotae wa kikiakita kara
mouichido dake namae wo yonda

From beyond the door, a scratching,
Murmuring voice mixed with tears:
“Don't worry about me anymore.”
I’m tired of hearing that kind of response
So I called her name once again.

chishiki mamire no hikage no shoujo

A girl in the shadows, covered in knowledge.

rakuto gaaru? joudan janai! mou kagi wa hiraita kara
itsumade mo naiteitatte koko ni wa nani mo nai
rakuto gaaru! sa? ikou! sono doa wo oshite kure
omae no koto tsuyoku tsukande kanarazu motteku ze
ruraru rararu rurara rura

Locked Girl? You gotta be kiddin’! The door is already open.
As much as you cry, there’s nothing here for you.
Locked Girl! Let’s go! Open up this door.
I will grab you, and I’ll definitely take you with me!
Lulalu lalalu lulala lula

akaku somatta sora ni futari nori
'motto osoku tonde'
sa? doko e ikou ka

Two girls riding the red-tinged sky.
“Fly a little slower.”
So? Where shall we go?

Dialogue between Marisa and Sakuya in the [Another] Video


...Again? You never give up, do you?


You shouldn't say that if you haven't been able to stop me even once.


As for me, I have orders.
From this point on
I won't let a single person pass!


Then I get through by force as usual!
Today I can't lose!

  • This song is a parody of Bump of Chicken's ラフ・メイカー (Laugh Maker), the b-side of their single Diamond. Incidentally, their band leader is named Fujiwara Motoo (藤原基央).


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