Vocal: MAI, Kana Arrange: NYO Lyric:

(Mattaku, yareyare da ze)
Watashi wa
Ore-Marisa[1] da ze
Danmaku wa POWER da ze
Tomare, utsu to ugoku
Onsoku ga osoi[2]
Hon wo kaeshite
Hommei wa dare na no yo
(U~ Shanghai)
Waki wo kusuguru no wa yamete kudasai yo
(Waki miko Reimu! waki miko Reimu!)
(Kondo yattara zettai ni gossun-kugi[3] nanda kara)

(Seriously, this is hopeless.)
I am
Ore-Marisa, da ze
Danmaku is POWER! da ze
Stop! Shoot and move![4]
The speed of sound is slow
Return the books
Who's your favorite!?
(Oooh~ Shanghai!)
Stop tickling my armpits please!
(Armpit miko Reimu, armpit miko Reimu) [5]
Marisa~ SPARK
(Next time you do that, I'm definitely going to nail you down!)

^  "Ore-Marisa" is a phrase sometimes mistakenly written for Marisa by newbies owing to her mannish speech quirks—e.g., "da ze". "Ore" is a Japanese 1st-person pronoun traditionally used only by males.
^  This phrase comes from the dialogue between the Boundary Team and Marisa Kirisame in Imperishable Night.
^  This phrase explains Marisa's speedy movement being quicker than the sound, although it comes from PCB dialogue between Marisa Kirisame and Youmu Kompaku and originally means "the air around you transmits the sound extremely slowly"—that is, "news reaches your ears too slowly", or "your reaction is too slow." This phrase is usually put into use as "Omae wa onsoku ga osoi na." (Your talk is out-of-date.)
^  This phrase is a parody of the chorus lyrics of Miko Miko Nurse: "Miko Miko Naasu" vs "Waki Miko Reemu".
^  "Gossun-kugi" are 5-inch nails, stereotypically used by mystics to pound into straw "voodoo dolls" to curse people. The term is used here specifically as a callback to IOSYS' 魔理沙は大変なものを盗んでいきました ("Marisa Stole the Precious Thing").


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