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Keine's Drawing Song

Arrange: D.wat.  Vocal: あゆ Lyrics: tsZ with "mad" YOUNO

Gensokyo ni
Henteko youkai tonde kita
Donna sugata?
Hakutaku taku
Hakutaku hakutaku taku

A strange-looking youkai
Has flown down to Gensokyo
What kind is it?
Hakutaku hakutaku-taku

Mangetsu no yoru wa
Mangetsu no yoru wa

On the night of the full moon
On the night of the full moon
She transforms
She transforms

Rekishi ga suki na youkai ga
Ooki na rekishi wo tabechatta
Tsuno ga futatsu nyunyu
Kami wo fuwafuwa saseteta yo
Kocchi mo fuwafuwa

The youkai that likes histories
Ate a big history, oh no!
She has two horns (nyu nyu)
Her hair is all fluffy and free
And she also has fluffy

Ribon musunde
Ribon musunde
Mokou ga suki na no dare dakke?

Ribbons in her hair
Ribbons in her hair
Who's the girl that likes Mokou?

"Keine da!"

"It's Keine!"


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