Signals and transmissions were said to have been sent out to every last Lunarian being, including me, since this morning. My people have always dreaded this day and I have heard about the horror during those time. The earth rabbits had all been acting strange too, not that it would be a surprise, but the medicine seem to have taken effect and most of them have already calmed down. A half an hour till midnight, I decided to go for a walk since I knew that princess Kaguya would be busy with her...plans and I don't want to be caught in it or get burn. The red moon, or as my people call it the Cruorem lupus luna,
had been around since long ago at the time of the Lunarian control. I have heard many stories about it and how every one thousand years it appears and manipulates all the waves on the moon and even the waves on earth, causing insanity to all, especially the ones that have more powerful wave and those who have weak mind and control. I looked upon the tainted moon as I walked through the bamboo forest of lost.
"Be it a curse or be it a gift, it still only means one thing. Fear..." I muttered.
"To know fear is to know one self" said a voice from behind me.
I turned around and saw a purple hair girl. She was dressed in what seems to be pajama-like clothing, a night-cap and in her hand was a book.
"Reisen, I presume?" She asked
"Who wants to know?" I replied
"I am Patchouli Knowledge of Scarlet Devil Manor, and I seek to ask a question from you"
"Out of all the people in Gensokyo you have chosen me? I am flattered."
"That is because of all of Gensokyo, you're one of the few Lunarian beings I can find."
"Ah, so you seek to ask me a question because I'm from the moon?"
"That would be the one of the reasons. The question is regarding the blood red moon that is in the sky tonight."
I raised an eyebrow.
"Ah, so you notice. I am surprise that someone in Gensokyo actually notice it"
"Yes, I seek to know what is going on. The moon tonight is a hunter’s moon and it is August, the night of the corn moon. This is unnatural and I want to know the answer to this phenomenon.”
I sighed.
“Well, I guess you could say it’s a type of curse.” I replied.
“A…curse? I don’t understand.” She asked, puzzled.
“I’m not really surprise. You’re an earthian, so I doubt you would know anything about the moon and its history. It doesn’t matter to me, since I never cared much about our history either.”
“Earthian? You didn’t just make that up did you?”
“Ummm…okay, I kind of did, but you get the idea.”
“Are you going to tell me about the blood red moon or not?” She asked, frustrated.
I snickered.
“Maybe I will, maybe I won’t but how about this? I’ll tell you all I know, if you have a match with me.”
“You want me to spar with you?” She asked.
“Yes. Tonight, I feel the desire to fight. Beat me, I’ll tell you what I know. Lose…well…we’ll talk about that after I win.”
“Besides, I have heard about you. You’re skilled with elemental magic and I want to see it for myself.” I told her.
“So be it. If I must defeat you to get the knowledge I need, then I guess I have no choice.” Said replied and bought the book she was holding up toward her face.
“Let us begin.” I said, my eyes glowing.
She flipped open her book and mutter some words I was not able to hear. Launched Out of her hand appeared what seem to be balls of fire.
“Whoa!” I shouted as I dodge it.
It flew past me but it turned around and came after me again.
“Those are homing fireball, you can not dodge it.” She told me as she launch more out of her hand.
“Ah, so this is elemental magic.” I said while trying to avoid getting hit, “First time I saw it, didn’t think it would be this…interesting.”
As the fireballs came toward me, I manipulated the waves around me. This causes me to disappear from sight.
“Invisibility?” Patchouli said and smiled, “That’s not going to help.”
“What?” I said in surprise as the fireballs still followed me.
As I tried to dodge it, I didn’t notice two more came toward me from the back. I lose control of the waves and reappeared. More fireballs flew towards me as I tried to shield myself but it had little effect as the fireball exploded upon touching me. After the wave of fireballs, I feel to my knee, half burned, in pain and held on to my left arm which had taken the most damage since I had use it as my main shield.
“So…so this is the power of, ugh…your elemental magic.” I said as I stood up.
“This is only five percent. Be prepared for more.” She told me.
I laughed.
“Looks like I was right, this is going to be fun!”
Manipulating more waves, I created illusions of myself and dash toward Patchouli. As she muttered some more words, four shards appeared in her hands and she threw them. It enlarged and flew at high speed right toward us. It hit my illusions but I was able get behind her and did front kick at her back. She let out a yelp and loses her focus. I saw my chance and rushed her, striking her with punches and kicks. She was not able to cast any spell since I was hitting her at every direction at high speed along with my illusions, causing her to be only able to block.
“If I don’t give you time, then you won’t be able to cast any spells. That is your weakness!” I said while attacking her.
She gritted her teeth and started to mutter more spells. I knew she was going to use another spell and I was about to stop her but she finish before I was able to land a hit. Her spell knocked me and my illusions away from her, causing us to fly backwards. I crashed into a bamboo tree and this cause me to lose control of the waves yet again. She wasted no time as she countered with waves of fireballs, shards and what seem to be bubbles toward me at high speed. Unable to dodge or move I took the attacks. The pain was intense, as I almost lost conscious but after the first wave more came toward me. I screamed in pain as more and more hit me. After it finally subsided, I fell to the ground and defeated. I tried to move my hand and get up but I collapse and was completely immobilized. Patchouli walked over to me, panting and wiping the blood off her face.
“It seems I won.” She said.
“I guessed you did.” I said smiling, “I haven’t had a fight like this for a while. Next time, why don’t we go all out?”
“Are you sure? I won’t take it easy one you if we do.” She smiled.
“Take it easy on me?” I laughed,”I was the one that went easy on you.”
“Tell that to my aching body. But now that I won, tell me everything you know about the unnatural red moon.”
“Guess you can’t wait, can you? Okay then. Tell me, have you ever heard about the curse of the wolves?”
“Curse of the wolves? You mean, like lycanthropy?” She asked in wonder.
“Close enough. Let me tell you about the Lunarian history.” I told her. Her eyes widen. Then, from a distance came the sound of a bell which marked midnight. It grew louder and louder. Along with it, the blood red moon grew redder and redder with each ring.

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