Lunacy 東方 Touhou Unplugged/Classic 116

This song vividly expresses the experiences of Reisen's life... The first half of the song represents the sadness and suffering of her life. I can imagine Reisen just after she fled from the moon...


The Lunar War had catastrophic effects on Reisen's home, the moon. She was only little when the youkai invaded her home. As refugees of the war, Reisen's family tried to escape from the conflict to a safe place.

Her family managed to make it to a launch pad on the moon- Their plan was to escape to Earth, the Moon was not safe with the marauding youkai everywhere. The launch was a one-way ticket, they would not be able to return when they left. As they were preparing to leave, the youkai advanced on them. They mercilessly bore down on Reisen's family. Her parents bought as much time for Reisen as they could. Her Dad pushed Reisen into the escape capsule. 0:31; Reisen resisted with tear-stricken denial. She knew what was going to happen, but could not bring herself to accept it. Her Dad stood there unwavering even as the youkai raced towards him. They howled their lust for blood. Reisen's mother stood hand and hand with Reisen's Dad.

They closed their eyes as the hoard reached them.

"We love you Reisen."

The Youkai slaughtered them, the blood of Reisen's parents splattered into her eyes blinding her, the image of her parent's brutal death was the last thing she saw...0:55;The escape vehicle's door finally closed and it ejected, leaving Reisen as the only survivor. The vehicle was small and poorly lit. Dull red lights flashed, illuminating Reisen's lone self. Her tears mixed with the blood of her parents as the pod descended to earth...Her parents were gone. When she landed, she exited, walking on unsteady legs.... The footsteps at 1:20 represent her aimless wandering... Her loneliness, her pain, and her desire to find somebody. Anybody.

Her eyes had improved enough for her to see the outlines of people. It was raining out, making it even harder to see. The people she attempted to approach fled. I could imagine her reaching out to the fuzzy objects and yelling "wait!" even as they fled. Blood, rain, and tears covered her face; she was a strange rabbit girl that had fallen out of the sky.

She happened upon Eientei's door step and collapsed. She was drained, both emotionally and physically... Eirin and Kaguya found a unconscious moon rabbit on their doorstep. Concerned, they immediately took her in. 2:07+ represents a hope for happiness for Reisen. Reisen woke up to warm faces that welcomed her. Her eyes had improved and she could see the warm smiles of Eirin and Kaguya. They explained how they found her, they asked questions, and after all that welcomed her as a new member of their family.

The speeding up of the footsteps represents Reisen's hopeless quest finally leading to the light at the end of the tunnel. The explosion at 2:32 represents Reisen's newfound happiness... her new family. I can imagine her enduring Tewi's silly pranks. Explaining to Eirin how the moon had changed since she had left, and spinning thread with Kaguya. I can imagine an scenario where everyone was laughing as Reisen headlocked Tewi for misbehaving.

She was happy again, but she never forgot her parents. Her eyes were now dyed a deep red from the event.

3:23+ represents Reisen sleeping. A contented, happy sleep. She would sleep with a smile on her face as she dreamed about the pleasant experiences with her new family...

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