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Stage 1 theme
Fragments of Memory

Stage 1 Boss - Yayoi Yajima's theme
Carry On

Stage 2 theme
Reflections of the Moon

Stage 2 Boss - Gara Yamano's theme
Phantom Rising

Stage 3 theme
Our Darkest Hour

Stage 3 Boss - Akeno Suzuoki's theme
Sinister Harvest

Stage 4 theme
Smooth Sailing

Stage 4 Boss - Mahiru Kuwashima's theme
Tears of the Stars

Stage 5 theme
The River of Time

Stage 5 Boss - Emi Kingetsu's theme
A Light in the Sky

Final Stage theme
Lost in Fire

Final Boss - Houko Nagazui's theme
Seize the Night

Extra Stage theme
The Glimmer

Extra Stage Boss - Kyokokou Nagazui's theme
As the Final Curtain Burns

Ending theme
Fly into the Sun

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