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Playable characters

Enemy characters

  • Stage 1 midboss
Kasumi Mutou
  • Stage 1 boss
Yayoi Yajima (The Maiden that Lurks Above)
  • Stage 2 boss
Gara Yamano (The Nurturing Lady of the Mountain)
  • Stage 3 boss
Akeno Suzuoki (The Enticing Hellish Lantern)
  • Stage 4 midboss
Yuzuki Miura
  • Stage 4 boss
Mahiru Kuwashima (The Gently Flowing Lady of Rain)
  • Stage 5 boss
Emi Kingetsu (The Shifting Phantom Within the Mirror)
  • Final boss
Houko Nagazui (Maiden Who Wields the Celestial Lights)
  • Extra Stage boss
Kyokukou Nagazui (Impertinent Master of Storms)

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