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For in-game comments on this music, see Shoot the Bullet: Music.

Title and menu theme

天狗の手帖 ~ Mysterious Note (Tengu no Techou ~ Mysterious Note, lit. "Tengu's Notebook ~ Mysterious Note")

Arrangements (download)

Photo theme 1

風の循環 ~ Wind Tour (Kaze no Junkan ~ Wind Tour, lit. "Wind Circulation ~ Wind Tour")

Arrangements (album)

  • 風の循環 - Wind Tour by 236P on 東方幻奏祀典"Banquet" (Disc 2, Track ??)

Arrangements (download)

Photo theme 2

天狗が見ている ~ Black Eyes (Tengu ga Miteiru ~ Black Eyes, lit. "Tengu is Watching ~ Black Eyes")

Photo theme 3

東の国の眠れない夜 (Higashi no Kuni no Nemurenai Yoru, lit. "Sleepless Night of the Eastern Country")

Arrangements (album)

Arrangements (download)

Photo theme 4

レトロスペクティブ京都 (Retorosupekutibu Kyouto, lit. "Retrospective Kyoto")

Also featured on

Arrangements (album)

Arrangements (download)

Photo theme 5

風神少女 (Fuujin Shoujo, lit. "Wind God Girl")

Also featured on

Arrangement (album)

  • jocular newspaper by SaXi on Luminous (Track ??)
  • 少女祈祷中... by SOUND HOLIC on SOUND HOLIC MEETS TOHO ~東方的幽々舞踏劇~ (Track 13)
  • Dive into The Sky (Vocal Mix) by SOUND HOLIC on SOUND HOLIC MEETS TOHO ~東方的幻想四撃蹴~ (Track 9)
  • 風神少女 by Forest306 on 東方阿漕集 (Track 5)
  • Trick this Trick by ぴずやの独房 on SYMMETRY BURZUM (Track ??)
  • シュ - フウジンエクスプレス by ルーシュ on [餃子屋本舗] 東方二胡 蝶譜 「死せる胡蝶、生ける聖僧を走らす」(Track 7)
  • 耳を塞げば by ALiCE'S EMOTiON on RED (Disc C Hand in Hand, Track 9)

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