For in-game comments on this music, see Lotus Land Story: Music.

Title screen theme

幻想郷 ~ Lotus Land Story (Gensoukyou ~ Lotus Land Story, lit. "Gensokyo ~ Lotus Land Story")

Reimu Hakurei's stage 1 theme

Witching Dream

Arrangements (album)

Arrangements (download)

Marisa Kirisame's stage 1 theme

Selene's Light

Arrangements (download)

Stage 1 boss - Orange's theme

装飾戦 ~ Decoration Battle (Soushoku Ikusa ~ Decoration Battle)

Stage 2 theme

Break the Sabbath

Stage 2 boss - Kurumi's theme

紅響曲 ~ Scarlet Phoneme (Kurenai Kyoukyoku ~ Scarlet Phoneme, lit. "Scarlet Symphony ~ Scarlet Phoneme")

Stage 3 theme

Bad Apple!!

Arrangements (album)

Stage 3 boss - Elly's theme

霊戦 ~ Perdition crisis (Rei Ikusa ~ Perdition crisis, lit. "Spirit Battle ~ Perdition crisis")


Stage 4 theme

アリスマエステラ (Arisu Maesutera, lit. "Alice Maestra")

Arrangements (album)

Arrangements (download)

Stage 4 boss A - Reimu Hakurei's theme

少女綺想曲 ~ Capriccio (Shoujo Kisoukyoku ~ Capriccio, lit. "Maiden's Capriccio ~ Capriccio")

Also featured on

Arrangements (download)

Stage 4 boss B - Marisa Kirisame's theme

星の器 ~ Casket of Star (Hoshi no Utsuwa ~ Casket of Star, lit. "Vessel of Stars ~ Casket of Star")

Also featured on

Arrangements (download)

Stage 5 theme

Lotus Love

Stage 5 boss - Yuuka's theme 1

眠れる恐怖 ~ Sleeping Terror (Nemureru Kyoufu ~ Sleeping Terror)

Arrangements (album)

Arrangements (download)

Final stage theme

Dream Land


Final boss - Yuuka's theme 2

幽夢 ~ Inanimate Dream (Yuumu ~ Inanimate Dream, lit. "Faint Dream ~ Inanimate Dream")

Arrangements (download)

Extra stage theme

禁じざるをえない遊戯 (Kinjizaru wo Enai Yuugi, lit. "The Inevitably Forbidden Game")

Extra boss 1 - Mugetsu's theme

メイド幻想 ~ Icemilk Magic (Meido Gensou ~ Icemilk Magic, lit. "Illusion of a Maid ~ Icemilk Magic")

Extra boss 2 - Gengetsu's theme

かわいい悪魔 ~ Innocence (Kawaii Akuma ~ Innocence, lit. "Cute Devil ~ Innocence")


Bad ending theme


Good ending theme


Staff roll theme

Arcadian Dream

Name registration theme

幻想の住人 (Gensou no Juunin, lit. "Those Who Live in Illusions")

Unused track 1

Lotus Road

Arrangements (album)

Unused track 2

Dreamy pilot

Arrangements (download)

Unused track 3

Incomplete Plot

Unused track 4

Border Land

Arrangements (album)

Unused track 5

Magic Shop of Raspberry

Arrangements (album)

Unused track 6

Crescent Dream

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