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For in-game comments on this music, see Highly Responsive to Prayers: Music.

Title screen theme

A Sacred Lot

Stages 1-4 and Hell stages 16-19 theme

永遠の巫女 (Eien no Miko, lit. "Eternal Shrine Maiden")

Also featured on

Arrangements (album)

  • Deadly Silence by Kissing the Mirror on Ill Vision ~Locus of the Eastern DreamⅡ~ (Track 2)

Arrangements (download)

Stage 5 - Shingyoku's theme

The Positive and Negative

Arrangements (download)

Makai stages 6-9 theme

Highly Responsive to Prayers

Arrangements (album)

Hell stages 6-9 theme

東方怪奇談 (Touhou Kaikidan, lit. "Strange Oriental Discourse")

Also featured on

Arrangements (download)

Makai and Hell stage 10 - YuugenMagan and Mima's theme

天使伝説 (Tenshi Densetsu, lit. "Angel's Legend")

Arrangements (download)

Makai stages 11-14 theme

Oriental Magician

Hell stages 11-14 theme

破邪の小太刀 (Haja no Kodachi, lit. "Blade of Banishment")

Arrangements (download)

Makai and Hell stage 15 - Elis and Kikuri's theme

魔鏡 (Makyou, lit. "Magic Mirror")

Makai stages 16-19 theme

the Legend of KAGE

Makai stage 20 - Sariel's first theme

いざ、倒れ逝くその時まで (Iza, taore yuku sono toki made, lit. "Now, until the moment you die")

Arrangements (download)

Makai stage 20 - Sariel's second theme

死なばもろとも (Shinaba Morotomo, lit. "Let's die all together")
Arranged name in Mystic Square's music room and Akyu's Untouched Score vol.5: Civilization of Magic

Hell stage 20 - Konngara's theme

星幽剣士 (Seiyuu Kenshi, lit. "Swordsman of a Distant Star")


  • The "Alice in Wonderland" Angel by CYTOKINE on ± (Track 6)

Arrangements (download)

Ending theme

アイリス (Airisu, lit. "Iris")

Arrangements (download)

Unused track

風の神社 (Kaze no Jinja, lit. "Shrine of the Wind")

Arrangements (album)

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