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Title screen theme

春の氷精 (Haru no Hyōsē, lit. "An Ice Fairy in Spring")

Stage 1 theme

可愛い大戦争のリフレーン (Kawaii Daisensō no Rifurēn, lit. "The Refrain of the Lovely Great War")

Stage 1/2 boss theme

いたずらに命をかけて (Itazurani Inochi wo kakete, lit. "Staking Your Life on a Prank")

Stage 2 theme

年中夢中の好奇心 (Nenjūmuchū no Kōkishin, lit. "Year-Round Absorbed Curiosity")

Stage 3 theme

真夜中のフェアリーダンス (Mayonaka no Fearī Dansu, lit. "A Midnight Fairy Dance")

Stage 3 boss theme

妖精大戦争 ~ Fairy Wars (Yōsē Daisensō ~ Fairy Wars, lit. "Great Fairy Wars ~ Fairy Wars")

Extra stage theme

ルーズレイン (Rūzurein, lit. "Lose Rain")

Extra boss theme

メイガスナイト (Meigasunaito, lit. "Magus Night")

Ending theme

春の氷精 - 静 - (Haru no Hyōsē - Sei -, lit. "An Ice Fairy in Spring - still -")

Score theme

プレイヤーズスコア (Pureiyāzusukoa, lit. "Player's Score")

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