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Title Screen

不思議なお祓い棒 (Fushigi na oharai bō, lit. "Mysterious Exorcism Rod")

Arrangements (album)

Stage 1 Theme

ミストレイク (Misutoreiku, lit. "Mist Lake")

Arrangements (album)

Stage 1 Boss - Wakasagihime's Theme

秘境のマーメイド (Hikyō no māmeido, lit. "Mermaid from the Uncharted Land)

Arrangements (album)

Stage 2 Theme

運河を行き交う人妖 (Unga no ikikau hito youkai, lit. "Youkai Coming and Going at the Canal")

Arrangements (album)

Stage 2 Boss - Sekibanki's Theme

柳の下のデュラハン (Yanagi no shita no dyurahan, lit. "Dullahan Under the Willows")

Arrangements (album)

Stage 3 Theme

満月の竹林 (Mangetsu no chikurin, lit. "Bamboo Forest of the Full Moon")

Arrangements (album)

Stage 3 Boss - Kagerou Imaizumi's Theme

独なウェアウルフ (Doku na wea urufu, lit. "Lonesome Werewolf")

Arrangements (album)

Stage 4 Theme

マジカルストーム (Majikarusutōmu, lit. "Magical Storm")

Arrangements (album)

Stage 4 Boss - Benben Tsukumo's and Yatsuhashi Tsukumo's Theme

幻想浄瑠璃 (Gensō jōruri, lit. "Illusionary Joururi")

Arrangements (album)

Stage 5 Theme

空中に沈む輝針城 (Kūchū ni shizumu teru hari jō, lit. "The Shining Needle Castle Sinking in the Air")

Arrangements (album)

Stage 5 Boss - Seija Kijin's Theme

リバースイデオロギ (Ribāsuideorogi, lit. "Reverse Ideology")

Arrangements (album)

Stage 6 Theme

針小棒大の天守閣 (Shinshōbōdai no tenshukaku, lit. "The Exaggerated Castle Keep")

Arrangements (album)

Stage 6 Boss - Shinmyoumaru Sukuna's Theme

耀く針の小人族 (Kagayaku hari no kodomo zoku, lit. "Little Princess")

Arrangements (album)

Extra Stage Theme

魔力の雷雲 (Maryoku no raiun, lit. "Thunderclouds of Magical Power")

Arrangements (album)

Extra Stage Boss - Raiko Horikawa's Theme

始原のビート (Shigen no bīto, lit. "Primordial Beat ~ Pristine Beat")

Arrangements (album)

Ending Theme

小槌の魔力 (Kozuchi no maryoku, lit. "Magical Power of the Mallet")

Arrangements (album)

Staff Roll Theme

不思議な不思議な道具達 (Fushigi na fushigi na dōgu tachi, lit. "Strange, Strange Instruments")

Arrangements (album)

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