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Fun Facts

  • She shares the same ability with Cirno (Manipulation of Cold/Chill).
  • She is said to have a larger hit box than other bosses, probably to make it easier for newbies. However, this fact led to a fan theory that she is fat. An alternate fan theory is that this indicates her having large breasts.
  • The brooch on her dress resembles the alchemical symbol for silver, coinciding with her theme, "Crystallized Silver". Due to its shape she is also sometimes seen wielding a trident in fanart.
  • There is confusion over whether she is a snow spirit or the Spirit of Winter, which leads to some conflicting cases when she disappears at the end of winter or just doesn't feel like appearing.
  • In her interview with Aya, Letty states that she hibernates during summer. Also, she said that she hates being compared with Cirno, a simple Fairy.

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