The Special Disk enables several special features:


Custom.exe contains the following settings:

  • 1. BGM Volume: Use the checkbox to enable or disable BGM, or the slider to alter volume
  • 2. Show Animations: If unchecked, no spell/battle animations will be played. Unlike the 2.06 patch, this does not remove the side-effects of attacks, only the animations.


An HTML database is included along with the game's data (use index.html as the starting point). It contains:

  • A full equipment list, with enemies that drop it and their locations
  • A complete enemy database, including skills, stats, and AI notes
  • A spell database for enemy attacks
  • A small library of concept art sketches

Note that images in the database are stored using Japanese characters - therefore, you will need to have your browser viewing the page with Shift_JIS encoding enabled for images to work.

Custom Portraits

The Special Disk contains a folder called CharaGraph. If you put certain images into this folder, the game will automatically replace the default in-game graphics with these. There are multiple sets of LoT replaceable artwork, such as the Nightfall set, which has an anime look to it, and the Alphes set, which is modeled after Hisoutensoku. There are also other sets that contain Alphes-style artwork (but not Alphes' artwork) and Touhou Pocket Wars sets, as seen on the Pooshlmer Labyrinth of Touhou thread here [1]. Some are even custom made, as seen here [2] Each character has three graphics, which should all be transparency-enabled .png files with the following pixel dimensions:

  • name_SFace.png - 50x50 - Small Face avatar, which is used in the Hakurei Shrine and Library menus.
  • name_LFace.png - 104x112 - Large Face avatar, which is the main status avatar.
  • name_Stand.png - 300x360 - Standee; the character's full cut-in portrait.

Refer to the text file that is in that folder for the names of characters that the game will accept (In general, they're the English names, though some use alternative spellings, like Meirin instead of Meiling, or entirely different names such as Tenko instead of Tenshi and Udonge instead of Reisen). Note that the name_Stand.png images can be wider than 300 pixels as long as they are 360 pixels tall.

BGM Change

The game now comes with two different BGM sets. You can select which will play by visiting Akyu's House.

  • Special Disc BGMs: A new set of remixes based on Touhou music.
  • Ver 1 & Ver 2: The original BGM set from the Plus Disc and earlier releases.

By default, the game will play the Special Disc BGMs upon startup.

Equipment Selling

Hieda no Akyuu also now handles selling excess equipment, giving skill points back for each sale. Note that you specifically can only sell excess equipment - you will be unable to sell an item if you only have one copy of that item remaining (items equipped to characters are unsellable and thus don't count towards the number of excess items you have). Every item maintains its own selling Multiplier, which starts at 100%. Every time you sell an item, the Multiplier for that item will increase by 10%, making subsequent sales of that item more and more valuable.

Multiple Levelups

When levelling at the Hakurei Shrine, you can use left and right to level up multiple times in a single click, and freely distribute those levels' bonuses among stats as you choose, greatly speeding up the levelling process for later characters.

The process of assigning levelup bonuses can be further sped up while doing multiple levelups - if you hold the 'A' key while pressing 'Z' on a stat, the game will assign 10 levelup bonuses to that stat, and if you hold the 'S' key while pressing 'Z' on a stat, the game will assign all your levelup bonuses to that stat. The same works when pressing X to cancel levelup bonuses before they've been confirmed.

Gameplay Changes

The following gameplay changes are known:

  • Items that can drop from several 20F enemies now have a 5% drop rate if the player does not possess a copy, and a 1.5% drop rate otherwise.
  • Pressing M while inside the labyrinth instantly increases the encounter rate to 200% (essentially making the next step a guaranteed fight)

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