Once you've defeated the 20F final boss, a number of new options are open to you, especially if you have the Plus Disk installed.


Stars represent achievements completed within the labyrinth; a certain number of stars is required to proceed through floors 21 and on, so you'll eventually have to earn all but the seventh star to complete the game entirely. Stars can be viewed by file in Akyu's House.

If a star does not register on your file once you've met the condition, return to 20F and defeat the final boss again.

  • Defeat Maribel Han
  • Recruit all 32 non-Plus Disk characters
  • Obtain at least one of each item on the first ten pages of equipment
  • Defeat all Version 2 character bosses
  • Defeat all Bloodstained Seal bosses
  • Defeat Maribel Han Version 2 (requires 5 stars)
  • Defeat ***WINNER*** (number of times defeated is kept track of)

Boss Rush

Boss Rush is a non-stop series of battles against every mandatory (and a few optional) bosses from the first 20 floors. The bosses are not changed in any way from their original forms, so no additional tactics are necessary against them. However, once you start Boss Rush, you will be unable to quit until you either complete it or are defeated. Managing your characters' SP, and more importantly TP, is one of Boss Rush's challenges. Completing Boss Rush will earn you a Great Question's Mask, an extremely powerful piece of equipment. Once you complete it, Boss Rush will reset for Version 2 bosses, and you can obtain one more Mask by clearing it again. Two stars are required to access Boss Rush. Note that the bosses in the rush are exactly the same as in their original appearance and will therefore drop the same items. It may be useful, albeit tiresome, to repeat the boss rush to get useful items that don't have 100% drop rate such as Yukari's Gran Grimoire.

This is the order of bosses in Boss Rush:

Note that if the Great Question's Mask is the last item acquired for the 100 items Star, you must defeat Maribel Han again for the star to appear in Akyu's House.

Version 2 Bosses

Version 2 Bosses are stronger versions of the recruitable character bosses found throughout the first 20 floors. In most cases, these bosses are not significantly different from their original selves, just stronger, and with some new moves (for example Meiling gets Rasetsu Fist).

Most version 2 bosses are located on different floors from their original selves.

  • 4F: Youmu
  • 5F: Rumia, Cirno, Flandre
  • 8F: Nitori
  • 10F: Tenshi
  • 12F: Alice, Yuugi
  • 18F: Mokou
  • 19F: Eientei group, Chen, Rinnosuke, Yukari
  • 20F: Reisen, Orin, Meiling, Suwako, Yuyuko

Maribel Ver. 2 is different, however. After obtaining the first five stars, there will be a set of switches on 20F that can be activated. While all of them are activated, Maribel Ver. 2 will replace the original.

Bloodstained Seals

While exploring 1F, you may have found a bloody seal. Choosing to release it activates the Bloodstained Seal bosses, a quintet of very powerful enemies designed for Plus Disk-ready teams. These bosses can be found on 1F and 6F during the main game. The third will appear on 9F behind a new warp circle if you've obtained at least two stars. The fourth is in the new area of 20F that also becomes accesible when you've obtained at least two stars. When all four have been defeated, the fifth and final battle for this star can be found at the seal that activated all the others on 1F.

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