Apart from the 40 characters that appear as bosses and/or playable characters, 2 other characters are helping you by providing useful functions outside the mysterious rift. For non-Touhou boss characters, see the floor they are encountered in the Labyrinth of Touhou: Dungeon Guide

Agasa Kaguya

The famous level up goddess, like Marisa calls her. She can level up your characters at the Hakurei Shrine, but they need to have enough EXP so she can perform her level-up ritual. Why there is need for that, she can't explain except for that "it's the rules". According to the Special Disk database, she comes from AliceSoft's Toushin Toshi 2. Also, a fun fact to know is that, when leveling up Rinnosuke, she refers to him as 'Lady Rinnosuke' despite him being a man.

Hieda no Akyu

She can use her powers of memorizing everything she sees to save or load up to 3 game files at Akyu's House. She tells Marisa and Reimu that they can die all they want as long as they save. Quite the Special Disk version, Akyu also provides services for changing the in-game BGM and selling excess equipment for Skill Points.

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