Known Glitches

  • A certain boss on Labyrinth of Touhou: 14F has a move that may end up aiming for the first or second party slot, even if there's nobody present. If this happens, the game will freeze. The same thing may happen when fighting the random encounter Raijin's Expenditure on 20F, but with him using Heaven's Lightning.
  • When enemies hit you, the damage displayed on the portraits is not always the actual damage taken. It sometimes varies up to 10% more or less. A character might get defeated by an attack, even though her health was seemingly above the damage taken. On the other hand, a character might miraculously survive an attack that showed more damage than the character could have taken. Overall, the glitch seems very rare and random.
  • Normally, when one of your characters runs out of TP, they leave the party to go back to Gensokyo. However, if there's some sort of conversation after the fight (normally after boss fights) the character will stay in the party temporarily, leaving the next time she loses TP (after the next battle).
  • On floor 28, the teleporters can be used in every direction if you time your movements correctly while entering it.
  • If a character is killed with a full ATB bar, the game will attempt to let the dead character move and crash.

Patch 2.06 Changes

Patch 2.06 is not compatable with the English patch - the English patch was designed for the relatively stable, bug-free 2.04. However, there are some advantages to switching to 2.06:

  • Nitori's "Megawatt Linear Gun" spellcard has a significantly improved damage formula.
  • Cursor Memory: The cursor can automatically remember your last selected commands in battle, or on the level-up screen (Useful for levelling Plus Disk characters 200+ times upon recruitment...)
  • BGM can be switched on or off. (Use Custom.exe to do this.)
  • Spell animations can be turned off. (Use Custom.exe to do this.) This makes battle faster, but also has the side effect of removing detrimental side effects to your attacks: spells that hurt the party will inflict no damage, spells that drain other characters' ATB gauges won't drain them, spells that use TP won't use up any TP, and other various oddities. There are occasionally issues with enemy attacks as well.
  • New Game +: After completing the 30th floor at least once, you can access a New Game + option. This allows you to start a fresh new game with up to three special options:
    • Start with all 40 characters.
    • Carry over characters' Skill Point levels. (If you don't start with all characters, only the starting 5 will keep their point levels.)
    • Carry over equipment. (Any equipment currently equipped on someone will NOT be carried over, so remove everyone's equipment beforehand!)

Note that save files can be freely transferred between 2.04 and 2.06. The only known issue caused by going backwards is that a NG+ file will have characters reset to level 1 on their normal recruitment event, but they won't lose any EXP; they merely have to be relevelled. But you will lost whatever Skill point bonuses you've gotten. This can be avoided by using 2.06 to do the recruit event, then switch back to 2.04.

Special Disc Changes

The Special Disc fixes some of these issues, and adds some new ones, without worrying about the glitchy 2.06.

These features are carried over from the 2.06 patch:

  • The fix for Nitori's "Megawatt Linear Gun" damage formula is included.
  • Config.exe's features (BGM and Spell Animation on/off switches) are included, and now turning off spell animations does not cause the buggy side-effects.
  • New Game+ is included.

These features are new as of Special Disc (more details in Labyrinth of Touhou: Special Disk):

  • You can sell spare equipment to Akyu for Skill Points. (This system is smart: It will not allow you to sell anything you currently have equipped, and won't let you sell anything you only have one copy of.)
  • New BGM set! (When you begin play on the Special Disc, you'll be listening to its new BGM set, but you can switch between it and the old BGM set anytime at Akyu's house.)
  • Avatar replacement. (LFace, SFace, and Stand; replacements go in the CharaGraph folder.)
  • Multi-level-up fix. You can now assign multiple levels' worth of XP (and level up stat bonus points) at a time.

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