A list of all the equipment you can find in the game.

Note that equipment that adds percentages to stats increases the modifier percentage, not an increase to what you currently see. As bonuses chosen at level up and skill level increases add to modifier percentage as well, you will see a smaller increase to stats than the exact percentage displayed. To compare, +30% to a stat is equal to an additional 10 Skill Point levels or 15 level up bonuses.

No spoilers are on this page. To find out what boss drops a given item, view the specific floor's page.

Name Effect Known Locations
Page 1
Ancient Flying Squirrel HP +10% Enemy Drop: 1F
Ring of Life HP +20% Enemy Drop: 3F, 4F, 6F
Bell of Life HP +30% Treasure: 10F
Galactic Muscle HP +40% Treasure: 13F, 19F
Enemy Drop: 18F-20F
Fairy's Potpourri SP +10% Treasure: 3F
Enemy Drop: 2F, 4F
Crystal Fragment SP +20% Enemy Drop: 2F, 3F
Boss Drop: 2F
Magic Rainbow Crystal SP +30% Treasure: 13F
Enemy Drop: 8F
Energy Crystal SP +40% Treasure: 13F, 19F
Enemy Drop: 14F, 17F
Boss Drop: 19F
Willpower Bag TP +2 Treasure: 1F
Gutsy T-Shirt TP +4 Treasure: 6F
Enemy Drop: 8F
Page 2
Steel Soul TP +6 Treasure: 11F
Miraculous Flame TP +8 Treasure: 16F
Boss Drop: 5F, 6F
Power Belt ATK +10% Enemy Drop: 1F, 2F
Machoke's Bracelet ATK +20% Enemy Drop: 6F, 9F
Boss Drop: 9F
Explode Monkey Lord DX ATK +30% Treasure: 10F
Enemy Drop: 10F, 12F, 14F, 15F
Shuuten-douji's Bangle ATK +40% Treasure: 13F, 18F, 19F
Enemy Drop: 19F
Boss Drop: 19F
Bulletproof Armor DEF +10% Enemy Drop: 2F, 3F
Armoured Shell DEF +20% Treasure: 4F
Enemy Drop: 4F, 7F, 9F, 10F
Polymer Liquid DEF +30% Treasure: 10F
Enemy Drop: 10F-12F, 14F, 15F
Boss Drop: 7F
Absolute Defense DEF +40% Treasure: 16F
Enemy Drop: 15F, 16F
Page 3
Book of Knowledge MAG +10% Treasure: 1F
Enemy Drop: 2F, 3F
Ball of Lightning MAG +20% Enemy Drop: 6F-9F
Boss Drop: 1F, 8F, 9F
Crystal Orb MAG +30% Treasure: 10F
Enemy Drop: 10F-15F
Omoikane's Insight MAG +40% Treasure: 14F, 18F, 19F
Enemy Drop: 16F, 17F
Boss Drop: 19F
Shimenawa MND +10% Enemy Drop: 1F, 3F
Stone of Protection MND +20% Enemy Drop: 4F, 6F
Iocus Rood Necklace MND +30% Treasure: 6F, 10F
Enemy Drop: 13F
Eternal Faithful Heart MND +40% Treasure: 11F
Enemy Drop: 18F
Monstrous Bird Feather SPD +10% Enemy Drop: 4F
Jet Boots SPD +20% Enemy Drop: 5F, 7F, 10F
Page 4
Faerie Wing SPD +30% Treasure: 15F
Enemy Drop: 3F, 10F, 12F, 13F
Acceleration Module SPD +40% Treasure: 19F
Enemy Drop: 10F, 12F
Boss Drop: 19F
Triple-Speed Dugong EVA +10% Treasure: 3F
Enemy Drop: 2F
Brightpowder EVA +20% Enemy Drop: 5F
Afterimages with Mass EVA +30% Treasure: 12F
Enemy Drop: 11F, 15F
Boss Drop: 8F
2032 A.D. Camouflage EVA +40% Treasure: 16F
Straw Ring of Prayer MND +8%, NTR Aff +36 Enemy Drop: 1F, 9F
Hirami Lemon SP REC +4, NTR Aff +48 Treasure: 2F
Enemy Drop: 1F, 5F
Boss Drop: 1F-10F
Frozen Frog DEF +6%, CLD Aff +48 Treasure: 2F
Event: 2F-8F
Bomb Ring ATK +10%, MAG +10%, FIR Aff +48 Enemy Drop: 3F, 9F
Boss Drop: 4F, 7F
Page 5
Fire God's Bracer FIR Aff +80, CLD Aff +80 Treasure: 14F, 19F
Boss Drop: 12F
LOVE Machine 3322 FIR Aff +128 Treasure: 8F, 15F
Boss Drop: 9F
Whip of the Gods WND Aff +128 Treasure: 7F, 12F
Enemy Drop: 10F, 11F
P. Ringer's Solution CLD Aff +128 Treasure: 5F, 15F
Enemy Drop: 16F
Green Dream NTR Aff +100, SP Rec +8 Treasure: 8F, 13F, 28F
Enemy Drop: 13F, 16F, 19F
Star World Bracelet MYS Aff +128 Treasure: 9F, 13F
Enemy Drop: 11F, 16F
Zodiac Stone SPI Aff +128 Treasure: 10F
Enemy Drop: 17F
Boss Drop: 1F
Poison Resistance Ring PSN Res +20 Treasure: 10F
Enemy Drop: 5F, 10F-12F, 16F
Para Resistance Ring PAR Res +20 Treasure: 5F
Enemy Drop: 13F
Boss Drop: 1F-4F
Yamabiko Necklace SIL Res +20 Treasure: 4F
Enemy Drop: 4F-5F
Page 6
Ring of Hades DTH Res+20 Treasure: 12F, 16F
Enemy Drop: 6F, 8F, 10F, 11F, 15F
Ring of Faith DBF Res+20 Enemy Drop: 9F
Treasure: 9F
Fragment of Soul REC+4% Enemy Drop: 1F-2F, 8F
Wing Amulet SPD, EVA+12%, WND Aff+48, SIL Res+12 Treasure: 3F
Blade Cuisinart SP+12%, ATK+24%, REC+2% Treasure:
Enemy Drop: 8F, 11F
Boss Drop: 2F
Unwavering Will HP,DEF,MND+12%, REC+4% Treasure: 2F
Boss Drop: 1F
White Immortal Sake HP,SP,MAG+16%, TP+3, DBF Res+10 Treasure:
Floppy Rabbit-ear Headband TP+4, REC+6%, MND+24% Enemy Drop: 5F, 13F
Cloak of the Bat MAG,MND,SPD,EVA+16%, MYS Aff+48 Treasure:
Enemy Drop: 8F
Tellina Shell Necklace SP,MND+16%, SPI Aff+48, DTH Res+16 Treasure:
Enemy Drop: 16F
Page 7
Black Onyx HP+24%, REC+4%, PSN,PAR,SIL Res+6 Treasure: 11F
Enemy Drop: 8F,14F,18F
???? Drop: 4F
Getitup V All Stats+30% Treasure: 12F,20F
Boss Drop: 9F,12F
Dual Haloes ATK+16%, MAG+24%, SPD,EVA+10%, REC+4% Treasure: 6F
Boss Drop: 14F
Persona 4 Glasses HP,SP,MAG,MND+12%, PSN,DBF Res+12 Treasure: 3F,11F
Phial of Galadriel All Stats+16%, All Status Res+6 Treasure: 9F,12F
Windspun Armour HP+12%, DEF+32%, WND Aff+66, REC+2% Treasure: 12F
Boss Drop: 15F
Lance of Geios ATK+30%, WND,CLD Aff+59, SIL Res+16 Treasure: 7F
???? Drop: 17F
Zero-Shift Program SPD+24%, EVA+20%, All Aff+32 Treasure: 9F
Enemy Drop: 19F
Karen Device All AFF+48, All Res+12 Treasure: 19F, 28F
Enemy Drop: 20F
Egg of Life HP,MND+30%, REC+6%, NTR WND SPI +50, PSN +16 Treasure: 15F, 22F
Enemy Drop: 18F
Boss Drop: 15F
Page 8
Forbidden Tablet MAG+30%, REC+4%, MYS Aff+60, SIL,DTH Res+10 Treasure: 7F
Enemy Drop: 14F
Boss Drop: 4F
???? Drop: 7F(Zako)
Blue Saber SP+16%, ATK+36%, REC+4%, All Aff+32 Treasure: 21F
Enemy Drop: 15F-18F, 21F
???? Drop: 13F,14F
Ice Sword ATK+36%, CLD Aff+80, DBF Res+14 Treasure: 15F
Holy Mist Robes SP,DEF,MND+20%, FIR Aff+48, CLD,SPI Aff+60 Treasure: 10F
Star of Elendil TP+4, All Stats+20%, All Status Res+8 Treasure: 10F, 16F, 22F
Enemy Drop: 17F
Boss Drop: 12F, 14F, 18F
Sunglasses ATK,MAG+38% Treasure: 15F,18F
Enemy Drop: 19F, 21F
Boss Drop: 12F,15F
Elder Dragon's Jewel REC+16% Treasure: 19F,26F
Enemy Drop: 19F,20F
Holy Win SP+10%, MND+60%, REC+10%, MYS, SPI Aff+72 Treasure: 13F
Boss Drop: 14F
Treasure: 20F (After Clearing)
Robe of Twilight SP+16%, DEF, MND+50% Treasure: 13F, 21F
Boss Drop: 14F
Lion King's Soul HP,ATK,MND,SPD+40%, TP+2, REC+4% Treasure: 13F, 19F, 22F
Enemy Drop: 19F, 26F
Boss Drop: 5F
Page 9
Glaive of Pain ATK+64% Treasure: 13F, 19F, 21F, 28F
Enemy Drop: 19F, 21F
Ribbon All Status Res+24 Treasure: 13F
Enemy Drop: 20F
Maser Cannon ATK,MAG+28%, FIR,CLD,WND,NTR Aff+44 Treasure: 14F,16F
Dairokutenmaou Armour HP+24%, DEF+48%, FIR Aff+60, DBF Res+12 Treasure: 14F
Boss Drop: 10F,12F
Shiva's Leather Boots ATK,DEF+48%, SPD+40%, PAR,DTH Res+15 Treasure: 16F
Enemy Drop: 22F
Genocide Cannon ATK,MAG+120% Treasure: 20F (After Clearing), 27F
Power Dragon Scalemail DEF+50%, MND+40%, All Aff+72 Treasure: 16F
King of Heart's Badge HP+40%, ATK,DEF+48%, SPD,EVA+30%, PSN,PAR Res+16, REC+6% Treasure: 19F
Enemy Drop: 22F
Shuttle Body DEF+36%, MND+36%, All Status Res+20 Treasure: 16F
Pailsen Files HP+60%, DEF,MND+60%, REC+6% Treasure: 18F
Enemy Drop: 20F
Page 10
Longsword 'Ringil' ATK+68%, SPD+88%, CLD Aff+128, PAR Res+24 Treasure: 18F, 26F
Gran Grimoire SP+24%, MAG+60%, MYS,SPI Aff+80, REC+12% Treasure: 18F
Boss Drop: 16F
Enemy Drop: 29F
Scourge ATK+96%, MAG+72% Treasure:
Enemy Drop: 20F
Gold Cloth HP,SP+30%, REC+6%, All Stats+40%, All Aff+48, All Res+12 Treasure: 19F, 26F
Enemy Drop: 28F
Destiny Stone TP+10, REC+10%, All Aff+100 Treasure: 19F, 28F
Enemy Drop: 28F
Dewprism SP, MAG, MND+50%, FIR,CLD,WND,NTR+80, SIL+20 Treasure: 20F
Enemy Drop: 27F
Flower Blade Kikuryusei ATK,DEF,MND,SPD+72% Treasure:
Enemy Drop: 20F
Armads ATK+50%, TP+12, WND Aff+144, PAR Res+36 Treasure:
Enemy Drop: 20F
Divine Spirit Barrier DEF,MND+88%, REC+6% Treasure:
Enemy Drop: 20F
Great Question's Mask All Stats+100% Treasure:
Boss(Rush) Drop: 20F
Page 11
Tsuyoshi Special Drug ATK+88% Treasure: 22F ,27F
Neo-Tsuyoshi Special ATK+124% Treasure: 25F, 29F
Enemy Drop: 21F, 23F
High King Fingolfin's Cestus ATK+168% Enemy Drop: 25F, 30F
Gil Turtle's Shell DEF+88% Treasure: 22F
Enemy Drop: 21F
Dream Aura DEF+124% Treasure: 24F, 28F
Fusion Titanium Alloy DEF+168% Treasure: 27F
Enemy Drop: 24F, 27F
Seven Senses Manual MAG+88% Treasure: 23F, 24F
Enemy Drop: 22F
Blue Crystal Rod MAG+124% Treasure: 28F
Enemy Drop: 25F
Arayashiki's Enlightenment MAG+168% Enemy Drop : 22F-29F
Sunohara's Stupid Bag MND+88% Treasure: 23F
Page 12
Divine Bustier MND+124% Treasure: 21F
Enemy Drop: 29F
Rizna's Ahoge MND+168% Enemy Drop: 26F
Speed Ring SPD+88% Treasure: 21F ,27F
Enemy Drop: 22F
Mad-dreamer's Crossbow SPD+124% Treasure: 27F
Enemy Drop: 24F, 28F
Triple-speed Antenna SPD+168% Enemy Drop: 25F, 30F
Captain Proof HP+88% Enemy Drop: 22F, 23F
Heavenly Sake HP+124% Treasure: 25F, 28F
Enemy Drop: 24F
Ethos of Bodybuilding HP+168% Enemy Drop: 25, 28F
Dao Moonstone Gem SP+88% Treasure: 23F
Enemy Drop: 21F
Berial Blackpearl SP+124% Treasure: 28F
Enemy Drop: 23F
Page 13
Seraphim Diamond SP+168% Enemy Drop: 27F, 28F
Miogaruna's Scale DEF,MND+100% Treasure: 29F
Enemy Drop: 29F, 30F
Lancer Assault Rifle ATK,DEF+100% Treasure: 22F, 27F
Byroad ATK,MAG+100% Treasure: 27F
Enemy Drop: 23F, 27F
Life-support System HP,SP+100%, REC+12%, TP+12 Treasure: 26F, 28F
Enemy Drop: 25F, 29F, 30F
Mirror of Rafnour DEF,MND+64%, All Aff+80 Treasure: 22F ,27F, 29F
Enemy Drop: 23F, 29F
Black Hole Ocarina DEF,MND+60%, FIR Aff+256, SIL Res+50 Treasure: 26F, 29F
Boss Drop: 24F
Enemy Drop: 30F
Mukku's Fur Cloak All Stats+36%, CLD Aff+256, REC+4% Treasure: 21F, 28F
Enemy Drop: 26F, 30F
Frozen Eye SP,MAG,SPD+72%, WND Aff+256 Treasure: 22F, 28F
Last Leaf NTR Aff+256, PSN,DTH Res+50, TP+24 Enemy Drop: 28F
Page 14
Magic Sword 'Chaos' ATK+120%, DEF,SPD+64%, MYS Aff+256 Enemy Drop: 27F
Holy Blade 'Sunlight' ATK+120%, MAG,MND+64%, SPI Aff+256 Treasure: 25F
Boss Drop: 22F
Enemy Drop: 29F, 30F
Portable Makoto Ito TP+13, REC+13%, All Status Res+13 Treasure: 23F
Enemy Drop: 24F, 30F
Anima Crystal MAG,MND+96%, REC+16%, DBF Res+16, TP+16 Treasure: 26F
Enemy Drop: 24F, 26F
Evolving Gun 'Crimson' MAG+60%, MND+100%, SPD+144% Enemy Drop: 25F, 30F
Ultimate ZUN Hat DEF+80%, MDN+144%, REC+10%, All Aff+96 Treasure: 27F, 29F
Enemy Drop: 26F, 30F
Extinction Cannon ATK,MAG+172% Treasure: 29F
Boss Drop: 21F
Enemy Drop: 30F
Gantz Suit HP,ATK,DEF,SPD+100%, PAR,DBF Res+15 Treasure: 27F
Boss Drop: 26F
Enemy Drop: 30F
Arturos Gem HP,SP+128%, All Aff+128 Treasure: 22F, 29F
Enemy Drop: 30F
Gurthang ATK+360% Enemy Drop : 27F
Boss Drop: 21F
Page 15
Judas Pain REC+40% Treasure: 29F
Enemy Drop: 30F
Rhododendron Dress ATK,MAG,MND+200%, SP,SPD+100%, WND,NTR +128, REC+16%, PSN,PAR,SIL Res+18 Treasure: 28F
Boss Drop: 24F
Enemy Drop: 30F
Psycho Gun ATK+100%, DEF+140%, MAG+180%, MND+220%, PSN,PAR,DTH Res+30 Treasure: 29F
Enemy Drop: 30F
Awakened Exoskeleton All Stats+150%, Status Res+15, Element Affinity+60 Enemy Drop: 30F
Physical Reactor All Aff+256 Boss Drop: 30F
Necronomicon MAG+150%, MND+300%, MYS+300, DTH+50 Boss Drop: 25F
Enemy Drop: 30F
Immortal School Badge HP,ATK,SPD+240, TP+30, Status Res+16 Enemy Drop: 30F
Egg HP+80%, SP+100, MAGIC+350, REC+24% FIR,CLD,WND,NTR Aff+128, DTH,DBF Res+50 Enemy Drop: 30F
Regalia DEF+400%, MND+400% Boss Drop: 30F
Machine God Lucifer HP, SP, All Stats+300%, All Res+20, All Aff+100 Boss Drop: 30F

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