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This page covers characters that can join your party from 16F-20F

Kaguya Houraisan

Chara Kaguya Stand

Kaguya Houraisan

Base Stats
Standard Stats Ailment Resistances Elemental Resistances
Stat L1 Stat (Growth) Rating
HP 61 (7) E
SP 102 (20) A
ATK 23 (4) E
DEF 31 (6) C
MAG 72 (14) S
MND 56 (11) A
SPD 100 (7) D
EVA 2 (1) E
Ailment Resistance Rating
PSN 10 D
PAR 10 D
SIL 17 C
DTH 17 C
StatDrop 17 B
Total 71 C

TP 12 D
SP Recovery 15% C
Element Affinity Rating
FIR 149 B
CLD 156 A
WND 151 A
NTR 146 B
MYS 158 A
SPI 155 A
Total 915 *
Weighted 906 *

Level-Up Difficulty 118 C
Spell Cards
Name SP Target Element Damage Formula Special Post-use Gauge Notes
Dragon's Necklace 64 Enemy (All) -- 306.25% MAG - 87.5% T.MND -- 30% --
Buddha's Stone Bowl 132 Ally (Single) -- -- ATK, MAG, DEF, MND, SPD, EVA +25%
Target's gauge set to 110%
50% If Kaguya uses this on herself, her gauge will be set to 50%
Fire Rat's Robe 64 Enemy (All) FIR 250% MAG -- 40% Ignores defense
Swallow's Cowrie Shell 64 Enemy (All) NTR 312.5% MAG Removes Kaguya's PAR, PSN, Sil
Removes Kaguya's Debuffs
40% Ignores defense, note self-target properties
Hourai Barrage 158 Enemy (All) SPI 625% MAG -- 0% Incredible power, ignores defense
Character Overview and Comments
  • 12F: Recruit Mokou
  • 16F: Reach Floor 16
  • 12F: Acquire a total of 1000 battle points between Reisen, Eirin, Sanae, and Mokou, go to where you beat Reisen, Eirin and Kaguya, and fight and defeat Kaguya's Foe. Kaguya will join after
Play Notes Useful for both offense and support, Kaguya's versatility and raw MAG power can prove to be a great boon to your party. For starters, she packs several different elemental spells which are defense-ignoring, including the powerful (and expensive) Hourai Barrage, which is consistently devastating to anything, especially if the enemy doesn't resist SPI. Secondly, Buddha's Stone Bowl is one of the best (and expensive) supportive spells to use when backing up characters with high-powered, long-delay spell cards, such as Yuugi, Suwako or Nitori - it not only instantly restores their active gauge to full to allow them an extra shot (even prioritizing over other characters or enemies with full active gauges, ready to take their turn in battle), but also boosts all of their stats, allowing them to do even better with the second attack! However, Kaguya isn't without her flaws - low HP and DEF means she is extremely vulnerable to physical attacks (Although the best overall affinity set and high MND definitely give her resilience to attacks that target MND, just watch for ailments), and she is a bit on the slow side and suffers from large delays herself. Her ailment resistances are relatively lackluster, but she can recover from PSN and remove any debuffs on herself using Swallow's Cowrie Shell. Despite these problems, she can and will prove her usefulness, especially as her SP costs become less and less of a problem - and it will become easier to deal with in a hurry.

Yukari Yakumo

Chara Yukari Stand

Yukari Yakumo

Base Stats
Standard Stats Ailment Resistances Elemental Resistances
Stat L1 Stat (Growth) Rating
HP 110 (14) B
SP 102 (21) B
ATK 33 (6) D
DEF 46 (9) A
MAG 67 (13) A
MND 61 (12) A
SPD 100 (7) D
EVA 2 (1) E
Ailment Resistance Rating
PSN 20 A
PAR 20 B
SIL 20 B
DTH 20 B
StatDrop 20 A
Total 100 S

TP 6 F
SP Recovery 10% E
Element Affinity Rating
FIR 87 D
CLD 144 A
WND 149 B
NTR 143 B
MYS 89 D
SPI 181 S
Total 793 B
Weighted 811 A

Level-Up Difficulty 140 F
Spell Cards
Name SP Target Element Damage Formula Special Post-use Gauge Notes
Mesh of Light and Darkness 64 Enemy (All) SPI 375% MAG - 150% T.MND SPD -15%
PAR (35)
40% --
Hyperactive Flying Object 64 Enemy (Row) WND 375% MAG - 75% T.DEF -- 40% Targets DEF, not MND
Shikigami "Yakumo Ran +" 100 Enemy (Single) -- (225% to 900%) MAG - (75% to 150%) T.MND -- 50% Damage is based on Chen and Ran's presence in the party. Increase is small if they're in reserve, decent if one is active, and massive if both are active along with Yukari. It can only reach 500% MAG without all three active.
Yukari's Spiriting Away 244 Ally (All) -- -- Fills active gauges of all other active allies to 100% 0% If Kaguya is in the active party, her gauge will be set to 120% forcing her to act first, so your infinite turns are limited to buffing Yukari
IN Quadruple Barrier 88 Ally (All) -- -- DEF, MND +50% 30% --
Character Overview and Comments
  • 16F: Fight and defeat Yukari
  • Yukari is required to complete the game. (actually skippable through sequence breaking.)
Play Notes Packing both survivability and one of the most incredible support spell cards in the game, Yukari is definitely worth looking into. For starters, she boasts above-average defensive stats, great ailments and high, well-rounded affinities, which make her very solid. Her MAG stat is decent as well, although it's offset by her incredibly slow leveling rate and generally low damage formulas, meaning you shouldn't expect much damage unless Shikigami happens to be in the right conditions, in which case it will do some incredible damage. You can still use her to attack, however, as Mesh of Light and Darkness combines PAR and a decent speed debuff to help keep enemies from acting. Where she really shines, however, is with her Yukari's Spiriting Away supportive spell card, which instantly fills up the gauge of the other three characters in your active party in return for an obscenely restrictive SP cost and leaving Yukari's gauge empty. When backing up a party carrying long-delay spells, a properly timed Spiriting Away can save you a huge amount of wait time, and even if it's not perfect, a character who didn't need the extra turn can swap the empty-gauge Yukari out. It is worth pointing out that, combined with Kaguya's Buddha's Stone Bowl supportive spell card, Yukari's Spiriting Away can give Yukari and Kaguya infinite turns until their SP runs out, allowing for Kaguya to buff up Yukari relatively well (although Buddha's Stone Bowl will lose potential each time it is used in this fashion, due to 20% buff/debuff removal per turn). The ability to refresh three characters gives great options for battle and can aid any team no matter the situation; even the paralyzed characters will act (although the effect will not be cured). Still, even if she can't find the most opportune time to use Yukari's Spiriting Away, she does carry her own copy of Reimu's defensive buffing in her IN Quadruple Barrier spell card, which is useful in its own respect. In addition, IN Quadruple Barrier also allows Reimu to focus more on healing. Yukari is definitely a tank worth considering, although since she has overall impressive stats, ailment resistances and affinities, gathering the resources (and EXP) to raise them all to their fullest potential can be difficult or time-consuming.

Rinnosuke Morichika

Chara kourin Stand

Rinnosuke Morichika

Base Stats
Standard Stats Ailment Resistances Elemental Resistances
Stat L1 Stat (Growth) Rating
HP 124 (16) A
SP 102 (16) B
ATK 83 (16) S
DEF 51 (10) S
MAG 62 (12) B
MND 51 (10) B
SPD 100 (11) A
EVA 2 (3) C
Ailment Resistance Rating
PSN 15 C
PAR 15 C
SIL 15 C
DTH 15 C
StatDrop 15 C
Total 75 B

TP 2 F
SP Recovery 6% F
Element Affinity Rating
FIR 163 A
CLD 169 S
WND 165 S
NTR 166 S
MYS 167 A
SPI 69 E
Total 899 S
Weighted 854 S

Level-Up Difficulty 144 F
Spell Cards
Name SP Target Element Damage Formula Special Post-use Gauge Notes
Scarlet Gold Sword 52 Enemy (Single) -- 350% ATK - 43.75% T.DEF -- 40% Note low T.DEF influence
World-Shaking Military Rule 188 Ally (All) -- -- ATK, MAG, DEF, MND +100%
Rinnosuke's TP set to 0
0% Doesn't work if Rinnosuke's TP is already 0
The Word for World is Forest 88 Enemy (All) NTR 400% ATK - 100% T.DEF -- 30% --
Shining Stars of Traumerei 88 Enemy (Row) MYS (375% ATK + 375% MAG) - (125% T.DEF + 125% T.MND) -- 30% --
Start of Heavenly Demise 132 Enemy (All) -- (300% ATK + 300% MAG) - (100% T.DEF + 100% T.MND) -- 20% --
Character Overview and Comments
  • 18F: Fight and defeat Rinnosuke
  • Rinnosuke is required to complete the game.
Play Notes Master of none, skilled in all, MANnosuke boasts impressive stats all across the board, although he's not quite as useful as he seems on paper. For starters, while he maintains the highest overall stat growths among all characters, he gains levels slower than any other character in the game. Secondly, slightly subpar attack formulas and reliance on composite spells make his capability as a nuker less than others, although despite these issues he is still quite capable on offense due to his non-elemental, DEF-piercing Scarlet Gold Sword spell card and incredible SPD. How Rinnosuke plays depends largely on if you use World Shaking Military Rule or not. If given enough speed buffs to go first, Military Rule will massively increase the damage potential of all your other characters, and if used with Yukari's Spiriting Away, will give two dedicated nukes massive buffing and two shots in a row, which can take down even minibosses on the first turn. After using it, however, you cannot switch Rinnosuke out, and you'll find that he simply doesn't have the damage-dealing potential of a dedicated nuke, and he's probably best used as a simple tank and switcher. Worse, this spellcard is highly situational: It only works once, so it is really only useful in fights that you think you can win in less than three or so turns, so it's utterly wasted on common enemies, and will wear off before it becomes useful on endurance boss fights. Aside from that, his two composite spells have utterly terrible defense-piercing capabilities (Reimu's Fantasy Seal has better damage formulas than both), which make those spells almost useless against tougher enemies, and you are probably better off taking a character with less drawbacks against standard trash. Scarlet Gold Sword has a worse damage formula, but MANosuke's higher overall Attack, even even taking his lower level into account, make it very similar to Meiling's Mountain Breaker, which makes it useful as an anti-boss attack, if you aren't simply using him to switch. The Word For World Is Forest is a decent all-attacking spellcard, similar to Suwako's Mishagumi-Sama, but without the debuff, and it is probably the best thing for trash-clearing he has, if the element isn't a liability, but even then, his rock-bottom TP and recovery rates, plus underwhelming damage and lack of status ailments make him a poor choice for trash-clearing. In all, he comes off as a bit of a Master of None if he isn't using World-Shaking Military Rule, which is a situational card, and once it is used, he's basically blown his wad, but his well-rounded stats do actually give him the best total defensive stats behind only Tenshi, so he's probably best used in a secondary tanking and switching role with a one-use super-buff, while he lets the more specialized heroines deal the actual damage.

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