9F: Death Labyrinth

  • This floor is fairly straightforward; there aren't any real puzzles or gimmicks or inter-floor relations going on here. It's just a small, compact, and potentially crosseye-inducing maze. Don't worry about accidentally running into the floor's bosses; the only two you can reach on your first visit are either almost right next to the start, or have a second relay point right beforehand.
  • It's normal for there to be a small section of the floor that you can't access. Come back in the postgame, and when certain conditions are fulfilled, the route to this boss will be available.

Notable Enemies




HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
144,000 40+ 6,000 5,200 Getitup V, Machoke's Bracelet, Ball of Lightning
On her first turn, Reisen will summon Inaba Vanguards and Inaba Mages, which are rather dangerous if you let them live. Fortunately, both Reisen and her underlings are reduced to no gauge after summoning, the health of her minions is quite low (18,000 for the Vanguards, 12,000 for the Mages) and they're fully vulnerable to debuffs. Komachi's Narrow Confines of Avici and several high power multi-target spells like Asteroid Belt and Fantasy Seal should be able to disable and destroy the lesser enemies before they even get a chance to act. The other benefit of this is that Reisen will usually spend another turn summoning them again, whilst taking notable damage from any multi-target spells used. If you can keep up the pattern of killing her minions before they get a chance to act, the only major danger comes from Reisen's Mind Starmine, which can be strong enough to OHKO your party after she boosts herself with Grand Patriot's Elixir and the stat debuffs her other spells inflict.

Reisen's general threat is the ability to inflict negative status effects - she uses Silent Cloud, for silence, as well as Mind Starmine and Discarder, which can inflict every kind of stat debuff at once, and Gas-Woven Orb, which inflicts poison, while her subordinates will use Shield Bash or Magic Drain, which can paralyze. Reisen's relatively limited direct-damage-dealing potential, meanwhile, comes almost entirely from the Mystic element. Prepare your party's equipment for the battle accordingly - if Meiling's Healer spell is your only Silence-removing ability, be sure to equip her with protection against being silenced herself in particular, so she will be able to heal others. Since she relies so much on status effects, making yourself highly resistant will turn Reisen into a relatively toothless bunny.

There is an alternate way to challenge this battle however. Normally, completing this battle will earn you Machoke's Bracelets (dropped by the Vanguards) and Balls of Lightning (dropped by the Mages). However, killing Reisen before killing more than two of her supporters will allow you to get Reisen's drop, a Getitup V, which provides +30% to all stats and is much more useful than the other drops. Doing so results in a far harder battle, however, as due to the way the drops system works, if you kill too many of Reisen's subordinates before her, their drops will be the ones recieved (all enemies in this battle have 100% drop chance). If you are trying to go this route, it is worth noting that the subordinates have no paralysis resistance, and Reisen's paralysis resistance is respectable, but still definitely beatable by Suwako's Moreya Iron Rings, and even letting the subordinates live is fairly easy compared to earlier boss fights if you can simply paralyze the entire enemy side while bringing in Nitori, Yuugi, Patchouli, or other single-target nukes to finish Reisen off. It's up to you if you want to grind some more and go for this, as it's certainly not necessary.

Also worth noting is that Reisen has absurdly high MYS resistance, so leave Marisa behind, and avoid using any Mystic element attacks.

(Random thing i noticed... When i used Komachi's Narrow Confines of Avici, Reisen's supporters were poisoned. Then i killed them. When Reisen summoned them again, they were somehow ALREADY POISONED. Just thought i should make a note of that.) --CybeastFalzar 17:09, July 29, 2012 (UTC)

(Also, just a note here. The guy says don't bring Marisa. Marisa's Asteroid Belt is WONDERFUL for dealing with his supporters. Does reliable damage, and hits Reisen in the process. Not for much damage, and it's probably the only good spell, but if you have Suwako, this guy should be a pushover because, according to the level recommendations, you're overleveled for this battle.)--CybeastFalzar 17:16, July 29, 2012 (UTC)

Nitori Kawashiro

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
176,000 47+ 4,800 4,000 LOVE Machine 3322
If you randomly battled then found and spoke with Nitori on 7F and 8F, she will be in a dead-end very close to where you enter 9F. She's lamenting over your breaking the camouflage feature of her optical camo suit, and when she sees you, she realizes she's cornered and can't escape again, so she takes you seriously this time, deciding to test her newest invention on you.

As, unlike your previous random run-ins with her, this is officially a boss-caliber battle, it is very important that this time, you take Nitori as seriously as she is taking you.

She opens the battle by buffing herself with Optical Camouflage, which increases all her defenses and her speed by a considerable amount, and will remember to re-buff herself anytime it runs out.

Kappa's Illusion Waterfall and Extending Arms are back, but don't be fooled: they actually cause respectable damage now, and can easily take out party members that are weak to them. Air Torpedo has returned as well, and causes respectable damage now, too. However, the most obvious and major threat is her brand-new weapon, the Megawatt Linear Gun. She will use it on the leftmost member every 5 turns (unless she decides to use Optical Camouflage instead), and whoever's on the receiving end better have either 300+ FIR affinity and 2000+ HP, or they're going down.

Thus, it's a good idea to bring as many people as you can who have a strong Fire affinity, not only for defending against the Gun, but for attacking Nitori as well: Since she's Cold-elemental, she's weak against Fire! If you recruited Yuugi on 5F, Knockout in Three Steps can easily cause ridiculous amounts of damage to Nitori, as well as having Patchy use Royal Flare or having Alice blast her repeatedly with Return Inanimateness.

The biggest problem in this battle is surviving Nitori's liberal application of her Gun, all the while protecting your party from her multi-target attacks. If you can ensure that your designated meatshield is always ready to absorb a shot when one comes around, you will have the battle won easily.


HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
1,200,000 190+ 188,800 148,200 None
The third Bloodstained Seal boss, Hibachi is very fast and very strong. It will use Needle Parade on the 1st turn, then whenever turn count is divisible by 5 (turn 5, 10, 15, and so on). Other than that, it acts similar to Suwako, switching between row-targetting physical attacks and multitarget mostly magical attacks (but note that Ultimate Light Cannon is physical), signalling the end of each phase with the aforementioned Needle Parade. Once its HP hits below 200k, it will have a chance to use Dual Funeral Washing Machine each turn instead (this will advance the turn count per normal). While its other attacks are not particularly noteworthy unless your team's SIL and DTH resistance are low (in which case Sealing Slash and Hyperspace Slash can be dangerous), Needle Parade and Ultimate Light Cannon are both extremely strong (the latter is slightly stronger but can be neutered via high WND affinity). However, Dual Funeral Washing Machine is stronger still - it can easily do up to 35-40k depending on the target's DEF and MND, and it's non-elemental so you can't reduce the damage via affinity. It is imperative in this battle to keep a clear count on both Hibachi's turns and the damage it sustained - high MND characters like Kaguya and Patchouli are highly effective as long as they have enough WND affinity to resist Ultimate Light Cannon (they take next to no damage from Hibachi's other attacks from its multi-attack phase, and row attacks hurt very little when they are in the last slot), but you'll need to predict incoming Needle Parades and switch them out of harm's way when one comes around. You'll also want to save your best attacks (ie. a boosted Master Spark) to take out Hibachi's last few hundred thousand points of HP in a few quick shots, so it will not have a chance to use Washing Machine to flush your team away. Hibachi has high resistance to ailments except Poison (which is a bad idea as it interrupts damage count), but otherwise its defenses and affinities are not particularly high, so as long as you can keep track of the battle's progress and survive its attacks, it should go down quick.

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