8F: The Silencing Veil of Darkness

  • Note that your view distance is considerably reduced on this floor.
  • Note also the lack of a relay point, although the nearby 7F relay point makes this less of an issue.
  • Assuming you've collected all of the ones on previous floors, picking up all of the frozen frogs here will lead to a boss fight with Suwako. Be careful, since Suwako is quite powerful and the symbol on the map will show an event, not a boss.

(Also, if you miss one and go back for it afterwards, Suwako will jump you then. I missed one on 5th floor, went back for it, and got jumped by Suwako. Bottom line is, when you collect the last one of the frozen frogs, Suwako will jump you, no matter which floor it's on.)--CybeastFalzar 00:34, July 29, 2012 (UTC)

  • After you've talked to her on 7F, Komachi's spirits will appear throughout 8F. Defeating all of them and talking to Komachi again on 7F causes her to join you.
  • Assuming you did the same on 7F, Nitori will show up as a random enemy and can be talked to after being defeated. After talking to her here, she'll finally wait in one place on 9F.
  • Talking to Sanae now does nothing except give you some story info, but after you've recruited at least 20 characters, going to her location will throw you in a fight against Sanae's Foe. Defeat it and she'll join.

Notable Enemies

Blood Garnet: The Blood Garnet usually comes as just 1 and looks like a floating Red jewel, or with another, while mixed in with other foes. Blood Garnet's have very High MND, being able to reduce Magical Damage to 0 from even Marisa, Patchouli, Reimu and Alice if they do not have a high (1000+) Magic stat. They also seem to resist elemental moves as well, further weakening magic. Thankfully, their DEF is much lower, making people like Remilia, Hong Meiling, Cirno and Chen great to have. They will attack with MAG attacks, but even a semi-decent magic user should be able to take a hit. People who are all ATK and DEF however...

Anguished Crier: The Criers usually come in pairs, but I have seen them without a second one at times. The main threat of the Criers' is their High HP, around 4000-5000 or so, and their ability to Paralyze, Poison and Silence the entire party with one attack, so be ready. They are fairly easy to actually damage though.

Underworld Gift: These foes look like a group purple or violet butterflies. They have an attack that can inflict Death, that's right, Instant KO, so be careful with them. Otherwise, they are not much of a threat as they have no defense worth mentioning.

Phantom Killer: They look like reddish skeletal figures, with a red cloak and Scythe arms. These foes are rather Fast and have notable/high Attack Power, so be wary. Their defenses are quite low.





HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
188,000 48+ 4,800 3,000 Holy Mist Robes
Suwako has a large arsenal of attacks that you must be prepared for. She will alternate between a physical form and a magical form during battle. At the beginning, she'll be in her physical form, and use mostly single-target physical attacks that can paralyze or poison you. She'll use Croaking Frog Eaten By Snake, a powerful NTR single target nuke, just before she switches to her magical form. In her magical form, she'll use mostly multi-target attack magic and end with Mishaguji-sama (which is multi-target) before switching back to her physical form. Take note that she has higher DEF in her physical form, and higher MND in her magical form. Most of her spells are of the NTR element, although she also possesses CLD and MYS attacks.

Sanae's Foe

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
200,000 60+ 6,600 4,600 Bomb Ring
Sanae's Foe is essentially just a beefed up Tam's Foe; all the same strategies apply. Survive the first Flowing Hellfire with fire-resistant tanks and then swap in your damage dealers and debuffers, but try to keep a tank in to survive another Hellfire.

Calimitous Soul

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
44,444 27-30+ 1,200 1,000 Ball of Lightning (1%)
Four of these Calimitous Souls will be created on 8F after talking to Komachi on 7F. The main danger of these souls is their instant death attacks - Invitation to Death is a spiritual MAG attack that deals decent damage to a single target and has extremely high rates of instant-death, but not 100%, and Flux of Yomotsu Hirasaka is a weaker attack with only 50% base chance of death, but hits the entire party and thus can potentially wipe out your entire frontline.

And it can START the battle using that. And as you know, if your whole frontline gets wiped out, it's Game Over. So it's a good idea to save before entering any of these battles.

The souls have twice as much MND as DEF, and have 200 affinity to all elements but spirit (100), so non-elemental physical attacks are best. Piercing magical attacks like Silent Selene are still effective.

A combo that works REALLY well is to have Sakuya use Lunar Clock, Then have Iku use Thundercloud Stickleback on Patchouli, and if it paralyzes (which it probably will) use Meiling's spell Healer on Patchy to cure the paralysis. If your MAG is high enough, the buff will make Silent Selene take out 1/4 of the boss's HP on the first use.

Some other good attacks are Little Legion, and Flight of Idaten. Be wary, as Chen can NOT survive a hit without tons of MND buffs. The souls are completely immune to debuffs and all status effects but poison, so don't bother trying to debuff them. Poison may help a bit, but is generally not worth it.

It is very important to be prepared to counteract the instant death, as you likely do not have much death resistant equipment and no death immune characters. Rings of Hades are best, and can be found on 8F and on 6F from wraiths. The reduced visibility on the map and the wide open spaces make it all the more likely that you'll accidentally walk into one of the four bosses, so it may be useful to wait until 8F is completely mapped out before talking to Komachi.

(Seriously, these guys have a 1% chance of dropping Ball of Lightning? You can get it very easily from other enemies, so don't try and get these guys to drop them.)--CybeastFalzar 17:19, July 29, 2012 (UTC)

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