7F: Road to the Globe

  • The floor here is a huge teleporter maze. Checking the map on the JP wiki is recommended to find all of the treasure and events.
  • Komachi can be found on the left side of the map. Talking to her causes 4 spirits to appear on 8F - defeat all of them and talk to her again to recruit her.
  • To open the way to the 8F stairs and the boss, you must flip two of the switches in the sealed-off areas near the center of the map. Again, checking the map is recommended for this.
  • At some point, you'll run into Nitori in a random encounter. Once she's defeated, talking to her on the map will cause her to appear again on 8F. (Note: it appears that even if you run from the random battle you'll still be able to find the event)

Notable Enemies

Memorized Knowledge enemies have low HP and speed, but extreme magic resistance and can use Ether Flare for heavy damage or Destroy Magic to reduce the entire party's SP to zero.

Slash Rippers will likely outspeed everyone except for Chen and Aya, and are capable of OHKOing most non-tank characters with their Slash Dive attack. Fortunately, their HP is quite low, so keeping Chen in the party should allow you to get rid of them before they can do any damage.




Tam's Foe

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
80,000 40+ 5,000 4,000 Bomb Ring
Tam's Foe is a bit more intimidating than truly difficult. It will always act to the pattern of Flowing Hellfire - Tackle - Slash - Tackle - Repeat. Flowing Hellfire is an extremely strong multi-target fire attack that can easily wipe out tanks and non-tanks alike, but with some fire resistance stacking your tanks should survive it. Afterwards, it is a simple matter of switching in other characters to nuke/support as they wish, while your tanks deal with its unimpressive physical attacks, and getting them out of harm's way before another Flowing Hellfire approaches. Note that if Tam's Foe tries to target an empty slot with any of its physical attacks, it will go straight to next turn, which will throw off your count, so it is important to have two dedicated Hellfire tanks as to be able to get a full party immediately.

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