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6F: The Autumn of Falling Leaves and Shining Harvest

  • Taking the stairs behind the Fern Sigil on 5F leads you to the western/northern part of 6F. You must find another St.Elmo's fire to get past the Anemone Sigil back on 5 F.
  • In this area is another Frozen Frog and the last one of the seemingly unimportant switches. This is the last one of these. If you've activated all of them, go back to 5 F and take the series of teleporters northeast of the relay point. You will find another set of stairs that lead to a smaller, otherwise inaccessible area of 6 F. Head west from there to get another sake jar shard. Ignore the boss-symbol here, it is the Beast of Centaurus and part of the Bloodstained Seal quest, meant for the post-game right before the Plus-Disk-floors.
  • Follow this area way northeast and down the winding path to the center. Here you'll find Iku Nagae, a party member who will join you without a fight or a sidequest for a change. At least for now...
  • After clearing the Anemone Sigil you can enter the main area of 6F from 5F. Apart from random encounters an a few treasures, there's nothing too special in this area. The stairs to 7F are in the far northeast of the map.

Notable Enemies

Ruby Sorceresses are weak to CLD and physical attacks in general. Cirno can take them out quickly.

Pressure have a lot of HP, about 8000. They are slow, can easily be slowed down with stat-debuffs even further and paralysed as well, so use Reimu and Cirno if you can't defeat them in 1 turn.

Wraiths are very weak. However, they are extremely important as they are the first enemy in the game that may drop the Ring of Hades. You will need to collect them if you want to have an easier time with Yuyuko on 14F. Idealy, you want 12 of them, so you may want to return to this floor just to farm them. They may drop on other floors too, however.



St. Elmo's Fire + 3 Pressures

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
24,000 28+ 1900 2264 Miraculous Flame
Before you go into this battle, put your best multi-target nukers in your active party to immediately clear out the 3 Pressures. When they're gone, St. Elmo's fire isn't any different from the first time you've encountered it.

Beast of Centaurus

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
666666 (first form), 200000 (second form) 125+ 300,000 200,000 None
Beast of Centaurus is, for the most part, actually easier than the Master Light Wings E.V.D. For phase 1 of the battle, it will attack you with multi-target attacks. It's worst attack now is probably Ultimate Light Cannon, but if your defenses are up, it shouldn't be too bad. If you've dealt enough damage, the Beast will use its move "Hahaha! What's wrong?" to go into the second phase. When it gets its first turn, it will attack you 5-7 times with consecutive FIR and WND attacks (it helps to pack resistance against these). It also helps to have a high DEF/MND tank to survive this barrage, but after that, it will become a very short damage race. It's worth noting that except Ultimate Light Cannon (WND elemental) and Bombeeer!!! (FIR elemental), both of which are multi-target, all of its attacks are magical and status-free, so Kaguya and Patchy with high FIR and WND affinity are very effective at soaking up hits, and can take over in the front slots too to shield other allies from single-target and row-target attacks like Dual Colorful Light and Wave Blaaast!!!!. Also, the breakaway form has only 200000 HP, so Marisa at a decent level and enough boost can take it down in one shot with Master Spark.

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