5F: The Sake Scented Lakeshore from the Forest's Shadow

  • The relay point is a little south from the stairs. Near it are two magic circle, one is blocked by the Fern Sigil, the other one is blocked by the Anemone Sigil. To pass the Fern Sigil, you must defeat the St. Elmo's Fire on this floor. It's located in the far southeast, a sake spring to recover all your SP is near it.
  • The first thing you should do on this floor, however, is to explore to the west. Near the southwest corner is the last notebook scrap for Aya. Return to 2F to recruit the formerly objective reporter.
  • There's a Frozen Frog each in the west and east of this floor. Even if you don't equip them, you'll need them later.
  • On your way to the northwest corner of the map, you'll find another sake spring to replenish your SP. Go west further to find another event-mark. If you haven't fought at least 400 battles, nothing important will happen. If you have fought so many fights, Yuugi will attack you (it will still not be a boss-symbol to warn you of this). You will probably not be strong enough to beat her yet, so ignore it until you are about level 30.

Notable Enemies

Tiger-Lotus Birds are likely to outspeed anyone not named Chen or Aya. They almost always appear in groups of 2 or more and can be quite threatening with "Swoop". Thankfully they have low HP.

No other enemies are really a threat here. However, many of the enemies have high NTR-resistance. Since you will now have more than 12 characters, you may want to leave Wriggle and Minoriko in the Mansion while exploring this floor, as they won't be able to inflict much damage. They will still gain experience and you can always get them back later if you want to.



St. Elmo's Fire

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
24,000 27+ 1600 2000 Miraculous Flame
This boss shouldn't give you too much trouble, since you had to defeat Alice to even get to 5F. It has some multi-target spells, but doesn't hit too hard. When you're dealing damage to it, it is best to use non-elemental attackers, like Remilia, Youmu, Alice, Chen and Patchouli, as St. Elmo's fire has very high elemental resistances. There is one other move you must watch out for: Destroy Magic. It doesn't deal damage, but will put everyone in the active party's SP to 0. The best thing to do is to just switch everyone out. This attack also reduces St. Elmo's fire's ATB to 0%, so it is a good idea to switch in Chen right after that and spam it with Flying Idaten.

Yuugi Hoshiguma

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
60,000 35+ 3000 2200 Lion King's Soul
Irremovable Shackles Can cause paralysis, poison, and DEF down. Will NOT always target the person farthest to the left.
Supernatural Phenomenon Single-target physical attack. Almost always K.O.'s the target, but Remi and Meiling may survive with heavy defense boosts. Will always target the person farthest to the left.
Knockout in Three Steps Single-target physical attack. Will always K.O. the target unless you are severely overleveled. Will always target the person farthest to the left.
Yuugi can and will steamroll anyone who comes into this fight without a strategy. All of her attacks are single target and tend to aim for the characters in the slots furthest to the left and she likely will outspeed everyone you have (Except for possibly Chen and Aya). Meiling, Remi and possibly Youmu may be able to survive a hit. If you feel lucky you can try to use Reimu or Minoroko's Buffs to try and weather the hits. Yuugi has very low Mind so most Mag-based attackers can deal large amounts of damage but Physical attacks will not be doing much against her at all. She is weak to SPI and slightly resistant to all other elements. She can also be poisoned, which should be abused. When she gets low on HP she will begin to use "Knockout in Three Steps"; it always targets the character furthest to the left, however she may still use her other attacks rarely. There is basically no way anyone can survive it, so just start tossing people you don't need to the left as fodders while having your damage dealers on the right fire away and switch in more fodders when needed.

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