3F: The Fortress City Lea Monde

  • Go down from the stairs slightly for a conversation with Alice. She'll state that several of her dolls are spread throughout 3F and 4F, which you need to defeat to move on to 5F. The dolls themselves are quite weak, the only difficulty is finding them.
  • 4F can be accessed as soon as you reach the stairs. Most of the dolls are on 4F, as well as the miniboss Ifreet, which you'll need to defeat to open up the pathway to defeat the last doll.
  • Apart from this entrance, there are two other stairs that lead to 4F: One is reached by following the west side of 3F, the other one by following the east side of 3F.
  • Rumia can be fought and recruited if you've seen all the events involving her.
  • There's another Peg Insect to fight on this floor to recruit Wriggle later.
  • There are events with a Sake Jar Shard and a Notebook Scrap. Both of these are necessary to recruit later characters.

Notable Enemies

Small Tengu have a speed of 108, and can hit with a row attack. Swordfish, with speed 104, can deal significant physical damage if they get a move. Many enemies on this floor are weak to CLD, and take normal/reduced damage from all other elements, with the exception of the Bronze Knight and Sorceress that have equally good resistances against all elements.



Peg Insect

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
2000 12+ 70 72 Para Resistance Ring
Swoop Single-target physical attack. Expect to be OHKO'd unless Peg Insect targets a wall.
Paralysis Powder Multi-target paralysis.
This boss will either OHKO one of your weaker party members, or target Remilia or China who might be able to survive a hit. Regardless, due to its low HP, you should be able to kill it before it causes too much trouble

Alice's Dolls

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
150 N/A 3 3  ?
Piece of cake. Don't even give it the chance to attack, OHKO them.


HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
30,000 25+ 1,200 1,500 Ring of Faith
Overall, Rumia may be an easy boss most of the time, but luck has a big influence in this fight. She might waste most of her attacks on Moonlight Ray, a fairly weak single target MYS-spell, or use Demarcation, which will cripple your offense and defense. If her Dark Side of the Moon, a much stronger multi-target MYS-spell, follows right after that move, expect to take a lot of damage. There's not a lot you can do about the stat-drops she inflicts, as you don't have any spells that can cure debuffs yet. The only option is to use characters with high debuff resistance. Patchouli, with her high MND and debuff resistance is definitely your MVP here. If you're still having trouble or even lose this fight, increase your characters' MND and MYS-resistance.

(Odd thing about Demarcation: When you recruit her, it's a HEALING MOVE. Not an attack.)--CybeastFalzar 17:31, July 29, 2012 (UTC)

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