30F: The Gallery of Enshrined Champions

The final floor! If you expect a huge layout with difficult puzzles, you'll be let down. Instead, it is very small in size and couldn't be simpler. It's mainly a hub for grinding and the 3 final bosses. By going south from the stairs, you'll get to an open area that has three sealed teleporters, one in the west, one in the east and one in the south. If you fulfill their requirements, they lead you into big, open areas that each contain one of the final bosses. The east teleporter leads to the Serpent of Chaos and can only be passed if you recruited all the characters of Plus Disk. Should you still be missing anyone, look into Labyrinth of Touhou: Characters 6. The west teleporter can be used when you have defeated all 4 Bloodstained Seal bosses Ver. 2 on 21F. It leads you to Hibachi#1 and #2, Ver. 2. The south teleporter can be passed when both the Serpent of Chaos and Hibachi#1 and #2, Ver. 2 have been defeated. This one brings you to ***WINNER***, the ultimate boss of Plus Disk.

Notable Enemies

All the random encounters are Version 3 (Version 2 of the 3 Plus-Disk-battles) of the recruitable Touhou characters. All of them have boss-like character, but the old strategies still apply. The span of difficulty varies greatly and it doesn't always matter how early or late you've first encountered Version 1 of a character when you're trying to judge it's difficulty. Some are more harmless than others (e.g. Rumia, Reisen, Suwako, Tenshi (whose Violent Motherland is kind of disappointing this time)), while others are surprisingly tough (e.g. Okuu, Yuugi, Alice, Mokou and Chen, who may be the worst of them all). It is worth noting that Rinnosuke appears to be glitched, in that once you destroy the first of his elemental forms he will continuously use Form Destruction until he reaches his final form, making his battle much quicker and easier than it should be. As well, his final form has only 200k HP, so it should be trivial to finish him off after this point.

You want to spend a LOT of time grinding on 29F before you can try your luck on these battles (levels should be about 325-375 for the easier ones), and even then grinding here may be too difficult and slow for a long time. However, the enemies may drop really good items. Here is a complete list:

Alice Margatroid: Necronomicon

Hong Meiling: Life-Support-System

Yuyuko Saigyouji: Ultimate Zun Hat

Tenshi Hinanawi: Miogaruna Scale

Nitori Kawashiro: Gantz Suit

Rinnosuke Morichika: Awakened Exoskeleton

Cirno: Mukku's Fur Cloak

Yuka Kazami: Rhododendron Dress

Shikieiki Yamaxanadu: Judas Pain

Rumia: Black Hole Ocarina

Utsuho Reiuji: Psycho Gun

Yukari Yakumo: Immortal School Badge

Eientei-Trio: Egg

Chen: Triple-Speed Antenna

Yuugi Hoshiguma: High King Fingolfin's Cestus

Youmu Konpaku: Holy Blade "Sunlight"

Fujiwara no Mokou: Extinction Cannon

Reisen Udongein Inaba: Evolving Gun "Crimson"

Suwako Moriya: Arturos Gem

Rin Kaenbyou: Portable Makoto Ito

Flandre Scarlet: Flandre unfortunately does not drop anything.



Serpent of Chaos

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
64,000,000 430-510 3,280,000 666,666 Machine God Lucifer (10% dropchance)
If you face the Serpent of Chaos, you have a hard and long battle ahead of you. It always gets three consecutive attacks when its ATB fills up. Apart from that, the battle is divided in three phases, all of them have about the same length: In the first phase, it will use single-target elemental magic as its first two moves, while his third can be a physical attack or something that inflicts ailments or Magic Drain. In the second phase, it will use multi-target elemental magic that is still not too threatening, but may follow stronger physical attacks like Samidare Slash and also Hyper-Space-Slash, which may inflict DTH. In its last phase, it uses very strong multi-target elemental magic like Exhalatio and Ether Flare, and will throw out its most dreaded attacks on his third move: Demon-slashing-dance, Destroy Magic, which can be extremely crippling for you, Thousand-Hand-Cannon (240k, DEF ignoring) and Scourge (2m, piercing). Obviously, this is not a phase to hold out in long, so throw out everything you have. About the Serpent itself: It is always very resistant to SPI and WND (except for turn 0, before the Serpent got its first turn, it is vulnerable to everything, but will start being immune to WND and SPI afterwards) and its other resistances will switch around every turn. He is 'vulnerable' to the two elements he uses in the first two attacks, with vulnerable meaning 100% damage instead of 20% damage. If you dish out something like a Master Spark, it is always a gamble whether it will do decent or pitiful damage. He is immune to paralysis and vulnerable but highly resistant to debuffs; his debuff resistance paired with his ability to get 3 turns at once means debuffing him will have little effect. It is best to rely on strong non-elemental attacks, therefore few damage dealers match Shikieiki's value in this battle.

The key to this battle is, apart from equipping high ailment and elemental resistances and SP-recovery-items to counter all the magic-draining, to estimate when the Serpent will get its turn. Overall, it's slow and will have a lot of delay after its barrage of 3 attacks. When it acts, have characters with decent defenses and high-SP-recovery in the active party to avoid losing your glass cannons early on. You really don't want e.g. Shikieiki (though not completely a glass cannon) hit by a Scourge or a Magic Drain.

Hibachi #1 and #2, Ver. 2

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
~35,000,000 each 445-530 3,000,000 800,000 Physical Reactor (10% dropchance)
Not too much has changed in strategy since Ver. 1 way back in post-game-content of the basic game. Try once more to keep the damage dealt to both enemies equal. Both Hibachi #1 and #2 will do their Needle Parade, by far the strongest move they have, in the same turn, but their ATB will usually not be in sync, so you can switch out injured characters after the first barrage. This time however, you will want Hibachi #1 to die first, because if he's the only left, the damage of his Needle Parade will become devastating, whereas Hibachi #2 should be bearable.


HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
100,000,000 + 7,500,000 * x 550-655 6,400,000 1,280,000 Regalia (10+x% dropchance)
While grinding for this battle, make sure not to neglect boosting up your elemental resistances, you need them as high as possible. Even from the start of the battle, the Winner hits incredibly hard with his multi-target elemental spells, in fact so hard, it might be a good idea to immediately trigger Rinnosuke's World Shaking Military Rule, so that you immediately have a strong defense up. Then switch in Ran to increase the defense of the currently non-active party. Any character that doesn't have any defenses up will probably be one-shotted. Apart from elemental spells, the Winner may hit with physical single-target and row-target spells, of course, as deadly as the rest of his attacks. Try having Reimu ready before he gets his turn, so that you can heal quickly. If he uses his HP-Restoring-Medicine, don't be irritated: It should be easy to deal the 7 million HP back in damage during the breather that he gives you.

At about half-way through the battle, he'll use new attack. While he doesn't hit much harder than he did before, his new attacks can make the battle very unpredictable: He may buff his SPD with Lightspeed Movement or Wand of Speed and his defenses with True Resistance, Flesh to Stone, Resist All, and Ball of Invincibility. The latter does in fact make him invincible for a few turns, at least against attacks that don't ignore defenses. He may very rarely uses Medicine of Life to heal a whopping 25 million HP, but you should be able to deal enough damage like before. His most fearsome move is by far Time Stop. It is like paralysis, will hit your whole party, but it cannot be resisted like regular paralysis, and it also slightly damage any action gauge that would be full. He will get a few attacks (about 1-3) while you're affected. You can only pray that someone in your party survives this onslaught and that you still have the means to recover from it. After you've beaten the Winner, you have technically beaten Plus-Disk. However, the Serpent of Chaos, the Hibachi Twins as well as the Winner himself will respawn the next time you enter 30F. The Serpent and the the Twins will stay the same and can be fought again for their drops, however, the Winner will get stronger with each battle. The "x" in his HP is how often you've beaten him before, every victory will increase his HP by 7,5 million and of course increase all his other stats as well. You could say that the game is endless... For now...

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