2F: The Passage Where The Ice Fairy Loses Her Way

  • Note the blue circle nearby the staircase. It is a relay point, the first of many in the dungeon, and you will be able to go to any relay point you activated when entering the dungeon.
  • Aya is immediately southwest of the staircase down, but she will not join until you collected all the scrap papers in 1F-5F. You do not need to talk to her to start collecting them.
  • Wriggle is also on this floor, a bit northwest of the staircase down, and she will ask you to hunt down four Peg Insects for her on 1F-4F. They will only appear after you talk to her, and they are fairly strong (although not durable). You may want to wait until you're totally done with this floor before starting to hunt them down.
  • The staircase up on this floor is blocked by two obstacles. To pass the first one (a broken bridge which must be fixed by freezing it), you will need to recruit Cirno. Like Chen, you will need to find her three times before she will battle you on the fourth encounter.
  • After you recruited both Cirno and Meiling, you will be able to take the frozen Minoriko. Afterwards, visit the sunny spot in 1F to dethaw her and recruit her to your party. Battling not required.
  • Once you have Cirno, you will be able to freeze the bridge to cross it and clear away the second obstacle - Youmu. She will join you upon defeat, and you will be able to ascend to 3F.

Notable Enemies

Shadowcats will be faster than any of your party members at this point and have an AoE paralysis move, so keep at least one paralysis-resistant party member in your active party at all times.
Towards the left of the map, you can encounter Bronze Sorceress that can come in groups of four. These are relatively fast and can potentially kill one to two of your party members depending on who they target. Those who are on this floor for their first time should be wary of the skeleton rippers. They're fairly fast enemies that can one-hit weaker party members with their slash attacks.

Berolofs have extremely high defense and mind but have very low HP. Make sure you have leveled up on 1F to take them down.

Possible Drops: Fairy's Potpourri, Bulletproof Armour, Fragment of Soul, Triple-speed Dugong, Crystal Fragment, Power Belt, Book of Knowledge




HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
13,200 15+ 740 360 Crystal Fragment
Icicle Fall Single-target composite attack. Lowers speed of the target.
Diamond Blizzard Multi-target whole physical attack. Has a chance to paralyze.
Perfect Freeze Multi-target whole composite attack. Lowers speed.
While Cirno is weak, she will throw what will probably be the first debuff spells in the game at you, all of which aim for speed. This may not seem too bad at first, but if she's able to slow all of your characters down with a single Perfect Freeze, the battle will probably turn in her favor.


HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
24000 18+ 1060 560 Blade Cuisinart
Present Life Slash Single-target physical attack.
Slash of Eternity Single-target physical attack. Stronger than Present Life Slash.
God's Slash of Karma Wind Multi-target whole physical attack. WND attribute.
Flashing Cherry Blossoms Multi-target whole physical attack. NTR attribute. Weaker than God's Slash of Karma Wind.
Focus Self-target buff. Raises Youmu's MND by 20%.
StatDrop resistance of 3.
A very hard battle if you don't come in prepared. First, note that Youmu's Ghost Half is also in this fight, making this the first of the few multi-target boss fights in the game. When her ghost half is alive, she will mostly use Present Slash and normal attacks on your first two slots, with a small chance to use Flashing Cherry Blossoms and Focus (after which she will immediately follow up with God's Slash of Karmic Wind). Once her ghost half is dead, she will use all her attack moves randomly. Her ghost half will generally just support her in battle by throwing status at you, although Floating Coldness may still hurt (if you somehow kill Youmu first, it will then start throwing Freezing Wind at you, which is slightly stronger than Floating Coldness). It is imperative that whoever's in your first two slots are both ready to deal with the onslaught of physical attacks while both of them are alive. During this phase, you must choose a target to kill first - the ghost half is a generally perferred choice, as its status attacks are extremely annoying, and Youmu's low resistance to status in general means you can keep her parked for a bit with paralysis and Cirno's speed debuffs. If you choose to do so, note that Youmu will start targetting weirdly - Present Life Slash will now target random members, while Slash of Eternity will actually start hitting people on the last two slots, so it is recommended to switch your tanks to the back row, instead, while hoping she keeps her multi-target moves to a minimum. It is also possible to possible to try and kill Youmu first, which results in a more drawn out first phase, but a slightly safer second phase - although her ghost half keeps her annoying status attacks, it also uses magic attacks exclusively, which are easier on Patchy and Marisa. It's your choice on how to go at the battle.

Youmu's Ghost Half

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
8800 Part of Youmu Boss Battle
Floating Coldness Multi-target whole attack. CLD attribute.
Strange Mist Multi-target whole attack. Usually deals no damage. May cause PSN.
Medium's Bind Single-target attack. SPI attribute. May cause PAR.
修羅の血 (Fighting Blood) Single-target buff. Increases Youmu's ATK/lowers DEF
Freezing Wind Multi-target whole attack. CLD attribute.
Weak to SPI.
Take this one out first. You really don't want her buffing Youmu's already high ATK any further. She can also cause PAR and PSN, so watch out for that.

Also, this has NO DEFENSE WHATSOEVER. It makes is all the easier to take this down.

Peg Insect

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
2000 12+ 70 72 Para Resistance Ring
Swoop Single-target physical attack. Expect to be OHKO'd unless Peg Insect targets a wall.
Paralysis Powder Multi-target paralysis.
This boss will either OHKO one of your weaker party members, or target Remilia or Meiling who might be able to survive a hit. Regardless, due to its low HP, you should be able to kill it before it causes too much trouble

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