29F: The Alien World Keyholder's Escape Path

The penultimate floor combines a few gimmicks and has a diverse layout: The 1-step-forward teleporters from the previous floor occupy the center of the floor, on the edges of the map are a few teleporters and in the northeast corner are even open 4x4 spaces. But overall, it's a very linear and not too crammed floor, so you should have no trouble navigating. Only one path leads to the stairs, all the others lead to dead ends (and treasure) after only a short while. Like the 28F, there are no bosses on this one.

Notable Enemies

Almighty Ones have high MND, DEF and resistances and attack with a few, but not too dangerous elemental spells. It is best to fight them with powerful non-elemental attacks.

The Kings in Yellow also have high MND, high resistances but are weak to physical attacks. Sometimes they come in groups of 3 and a Super Strategist. If you can't paralyse enough of them and you know one will get his turn, better flee. They can hit the whole party for a lot of damage and inflict numerous status effects.

Noubimusou have a decent DEF and hit quite hard. But the most noticable thing about them is that they cannot be paralysed. Hit them with strong magic attacks like Hourai Barrage to kill them before they get a turn.


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