27F: Stone paved path of trials for the lost

Right after the relay point is a barrier that requires six stars to pass. If you haven't done all the post game content, check Labyrinth of Touhou: Postgame. This floor is a big maze but with no real other gimmicks except that you need to find 4 switches to active a broken teleporter that leads to the 28F stairs...and the boss guarding them. The walks to the switches are long and there are no shortcuts in between. One switch is far to the south, one in the southwest, one in the west and the last one also in the south, but not as far as the first one. Because of all the treasure and the constant need for levelling up, you should still explore every nook on this floor. The teleporter that leads to the boss is near the entrance.

Notable Enemies

Because none of the enemies on this floor are very resistant to paralysis or very fast, this floor is great for grinding.

Liliths are nothing special, but throw off huge amounts of Skill Points (92 k each).

Greater Majin have multi-target-spells with DTH effects. They are quite durable, so if you're new on this floor, pack some gear with resistance.

Nightmare Cancers have incredible DEF and MND, but little HP. The solution is obviously to use DEF or MND ignoring attacks (Kaguya's Swallow's Cowrie Shell is normally enough to take them out). They are extremely slow, even if characters with said attacks has to be switched in first, they'll act way before them. Use this to have the other characters focus, as it's not worth to use attacks that do 0 damage. They are also extremely vulnerable to PAR and PSN, so characters like Yukari and especially Mystia can completely shut them down when they come in groups of three, giving you a valuable opportunity to get some free SP recovery while someone keeps them pinned down.

Force Spatha have a lot of HP and impressive attacks, but little DEF and MND. They are extremely weak to WND, so try to use that element if one of your characters has it (WND is difficult to find a nuke for, but Patchouli's Djinn Gust works well here due to their low MND). They can also use destroy magic, so be careful.

Black knights (obviously) have a great amount of DEF. Many of your physical attcks are "Just a flesh wound" to them, so use magic, but be wary as they act somewhat quickly and can usually take out your low DEF mage characters in one shot.

Famous Strategists make a comeback on this floor, but by this point you should be fast enough to wipe them about before they get a turn. If not, be wary of Prayer of Supremacy.




HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
5,000,000 290+ 1,440,000 480,000 Ultimate ZUN hat
This ridiculous looking boss has astronomical DEF and MND, only piercing attacks will hurt him significantly. Every time he acts, he'll use Heaven's Lightning 0-3 times and then throw in a stronger attack. This attack can be Cry of Anguish, which deals huge damage to all and can inflict any ailment, or Djinn Storm. Put ailment resistance on all characters if you can, especially against DTH, and also some SP recovery for your damage-dealers. The attack he uses can also be Rankain, which is Kedamagrammaton's ultimate attack. Like the head-part of Maribel Ver. 2, this attack will be used over the course of 3 turns, until it's finally released for devastating damage. Try to keep your Komachi healed up until it's coming and switch in 3 other characters that you can part from. He can use Rankain multiple times and might even start charging up again right after using it. If he does, switch in the blank spaces that were the characters you lost from the first Rankain just before he uses it. Hopefully, Komachi is healed up again. As Rankain is SPI-element, it might help to take resistances with you, but WND also helps, so that Heaven's Lightning won't wear you down to much. It is weak to CLD, and completely resists all status ailments. It is also immune to debuffs for the majority of the battle, but its debuff resistance is set to 0 between the initial use of Rankain and the attack Rankain, giving you a small window to debuff it. Unfortunately its ability to attack 4 times in a row cause debuffs to degrade quickly; a -50% debuff will become -20% after all 4 turns are used.

This boss has really low HP to make up for the fact that so few attacks hurt him and that his attacks are extremely tedious. It is probably the most random boss you faced yet, even a high-level-group can lose to really bad luck.

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