26F: Fairy Woodlands

The first part of this floor is a maze, similiar to 9F. There are a lot of dead ends, but also a lot of treasure in said. At the end of the maze, you make it to an open area with a teleporter that activates a short cut back to the relay point at the start of this floor. The way to the south now here is blocked by a boss battle: Shikieiki. Once you've beaten and recruited her, you can proceed to the second part of this floor, which consists of wide open islandish-areas that are connected by teleporters. Overall, there are only 9 pairs of teleporters to go to, so it won't nearly be as confusing as floors 7 and 17. If the teleporters start leading you to the northeast edge of the map, you're going the right way.

Notable Enemies

Famous Strategists are back on this floor. Your faster characters might start getting their turns before them now.

Rainbow Insects are probably the worst enemies on this floor. They have high DEF, MND and high resistances. But worst of all, they cannot be paralyzed and are extremely fast, getting a turn (<1178 speed). They don't do a lot of damage (except with Poison Thrust, which they rarely use), but they can poison and paralyze you.

Heal Rabbits have high MND, and will either attack you with Magic Blast, or, to everyone's surprise: Heal all enemies for ~200k. You can often paralyze them, so they'll hardly ever be able to use this.

Tisiphones are fast, but die quickly. If you can't paralyze them before they get a turn, they may use God Press, which can take out low-MND characters.



Shikieiki Yamaxanadu

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
14,000,000 275+ 1,120,000 312,400 Gantz Suit
Shikieiki is the easiest of the 3 recruitable bosses, but that doesn't mean she is easy overall. Check if you are protected against PAR, SIL and DTH before you go into this battle. She isn't as trigger-happy with ailments as Agastobrauma and her attacks shouldn't hit too hard if you have a reasonable level. However, the main problem in this fight is the attack Last Judgement, a non-elemental attack that hits for 75-90k and completely bypasses DEF. The only character that can survive this at this point is Komachi, and luckily, the attack always targets the character in the 1st slot. If Komachi gets hit by this attack, immediately switch in Sanae or Minoriko and Eirin, first healing her with Yasaka's Divine Wind or Wish for an Abudant Harvest and then a Hourai Elixir. If you can keep Komachi alive, you should be fine, if not, you will lose a character every few turns and probably won't last till the end.

Shikieiki cannot be debuffed or paralyzed, sadly, and with her high Spirit-resistance, Short Life Expectancy is Komachi's only semi-useful spell. So since she is stuck being in the active party the whole fight, better use her as a designated switcher. Bar of the Ten Kings is her battle-ending-attack that she uses when she is close to death. When you see her focus, you better have a Master Spark ready.

It's worth noting that if you go through the pains of grinding Meiling up to the point of having 88000HP (a pretty safe margin), she can make this battle much easier, with her self-healing capabilities and, most importantly, her decent defenses, meaning she won't need constant healing due to Shikieiki's powerful attacks as much. This takes a ton of skillpoints, though (approximately level 200, if you've been putting all of her level-up bonuses into HP), and unless you've been stockpiling skillpoints this might not be easy or a good use of time.

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