25F: Void of Dispair

This floor checks whether you have defeated the Sigil Guardians. You start in the center-area and in each direction you will find a teleporter that is unlocked by defeating a guardian on this or the previous floors. In the west is the Eulelia sigil, its guardian is on 22F. In the south is the Tearose sigil, you'll find the guardian on 24F. These two lead to areas with a lot of treasure, but are optional. In the east is the Hyacinth seal, you'll have to find the guardian on 21F, and it leads to the Fern sigil guardian. If you defeat it, you can take the last teleporter in the north and find the stairs to 26F, but don't forget that you can then pick up Keine on 24F and get more treasure on 22F.

Notable Enemies

Famous Strategists are faster than Strategists - Speed 1015~1030 - which is probably faster than any of your characters, too. They have a number of group-buffs, but the most notable is Prayer of Suppremacy. It buffs MND and DEF, but also instantly fills up anyone's ATB-bar. If they use this, be prepared to lose party-members before you even get a turn. Because of this, you might want to prefer 24F for grinding purposes for a while.

Earth Shakers have a very high DEF, often resulting even in 0 damage from most your physical attacks. Swap in your MAG-users to take them out. If they get a turn, they might just normally attack or use Huge Earthquake which does extreme physical damage.

Elgoma - Custom are extremely fast (significantly faster than speed 1800) and will either use Huge Whirlwind or Tackle. While the first is not too bad, the latter might take out a low-DEF character if it happens to target them.




HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
11,200,000 235+ 844,000 220,000 Necronomicon
Agastobrauma is the Fern Sigil guardian and the hardest of the guardians. He has a lot of HP and although his spells are not as bad at the beginning of the battle, he will use Strenghten Jutsu at some point to hit very hard, even high MND-characters. With his spells, he can inflict any ailment and even lower stats. You must make sure that your characters have a lot of resistance against all ailments, especially DTH. However, an extremely useful character to have in this fight is Mystia. Make sure she is basically immune to all ailments, so you will always have someone to get rid of ailments and turn Debuffs into Buffs. She is fast and Mysterious Song has very little delay, too. Agastobrauma is very vulnerable to Stat-loss, surprisingly, but not to paralysis. It is also vulnerable to FIR attacks, so Royal Flare and Knockout in Three Steps can get decent mileage in this fight.

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