24F: The Graveyard of Red Flowers Enchanted by the Darkness

The 24th floor marks a new battle theme, and like 14F, another jump in enemy difficulty. Parties that blazed through 23F will find this floor difficult at best.

As with 8F, this floor is dark, resulting in a small viewing area as you explore the floor; fortunately this floor's layout is fairly open an straightforward. There are three switches to the right of the stairs - these switches correspond to a number (Red is 1, Green is 2, Blue is 4) and there are eight seals around the floor that require a number from zero to seven to pass. The only required seal is 5, which blocks a switch that opens the stairs to 25F, but there's treasure (and a boss) to find behind the others.

Notable Enemies

Virtually every enemy is notably dangerous here, but possibly the most dangerous are Hell's Lanterns, who are extremely fast and whose magic can punch through even Patchouli's MND. If two Lanterns appear or a Lantern appears with a Strategist, run until you're higher-leveled.

Evil Lights wouldn't be excessively noteworthy, except they're the fastest enemy on this floor and have Ballistic Light, powerful enough to one-shot almost anyone except a tank or character with very high MYS affinity.

Strategists once again appear here, and the enemies on this floor are lethal enough without a defense buff.

Demon king's armor has astronomical DEF and MND, making it nearly immune to all attacks by any character except Patchy and Kaguya.



Flame Tyrant

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
6,000,000 210+ 626,800 198,000 Black Hole Ocarina
Flame Tyrant attacks exclusively with powerful party-wide fire magic, so equipping FIR resist gear is a good idea. As with the Foe bosses from the main game, it's a good idea to designate a few characters as fire resist soakers and have them take its first attack - it does have Flowing Hellfire and that WILL kill anyone except a fire resist tank. If you have someone who can reliable paralyze, like Suwako, this fight is trivial beyond surviving its first attack; Flame Tyrant has very low PAR resistance and its possible to literally keep it from ever taking another action. The Tyrant seems to be immune to debuffs, and is heavily resistant to MYS, SPI, and (obviously) FIR, but is extremely vulnerable to CLD damage. Kanako, with the game's only CLD nuke, can deal 2.5x damage, making her a handy addition to the fight if you haven't been using her (be wary of her low SPD, of course).


HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
16,000,000 280+ 844,000 220,000 Rhododendron Dress
Yuka mostly uses NTR-elemental magic against you, so choose your equipment accordingly. You don't need a lot of ailment-resistance, the most she can do is paralyze you. Items that increase SP-Recovery also help, because she likes to throw out a Magic Drain occasionally, which will take away all SP of a single character. Her attacks are overall pretty strong, especially Gensokyo's Reflowering, but with a good average level you should have no problem. The real challenge begins when she has lost most of her HP: She will first use Focus and on the next turn, use her devastating Multi-target Master Spark on you. Yuka's Master Spark pierces all defenses, and and will hit characters with 700 MYS resistance for about 45k-55k damage. While this may sound scary, it is actually very simple to hit Komachi with a Hourai Elixer and have her tank all of them with ease, being sure to switch out everyone except her before the next spark(Yuka will need to focus again before firing). The first time She focuses, Yuka will be around 2-3 million health, so you should only have to deal with two Sparks before your hard hitting fire attacks will take her down. It is recommended to save a fully buffed Flandre for this phase, as her Lavatein will pretty much ruin Yuka's day.

This fight is all about maintaining steady buffs/DPS in the face of Yuka's hard-hitting nature spells, along with efficient healer swapping to deal with the magic drains. Combine that with a seamless master spark phase transition, and you should have Yuka in your party in no time.

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