23F: The Bottom of Hades with a Suspiciously Open Entrance

The first thing you'll notice about this floor is that there's no floor! Not everywhere, anyway. You'll be on a completely open area and can walk around it freely. There are floored passages in numerous places; you can step from the open floor onto a passage, but the only way to get back to the open space is to either walk to one of the teleports leading back to the open space or return to Gensokyo and warp down. Finding the treasures around the open space can be tricky, since you can only see them from one step and there's not much to guide you.

There are no bosses on 23F, so enjoy the random battles and scour it thoroughly for items.

Notable Enemies

The Strategists that appeared on the previous floors make battles miserable here as well. None of the enemy groups here are overwhelming on their own, but the presence of a Strategist can make some enemy parties so tough as to almost require running from them. Your party setup for this floor should always include any character fast enough to act before the strategist(Chen, Aya, Marisa, ect.).

Lesser Majins are also noteworthy in the fact that they resist most everything except nature magic, from which they take almost comically high damage from. They also come equipped with Magical Hellfire, a magical nuke which can inflict par/psn/dth status effects on your entire party. Try to keep them paralyzed until your nature users can take them down.




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