22F: The Everlasting Mystery Filled with Ruins

As with 21F, you'll only be able to explore a tiny room of 22F until you have enough stars - in this case, four.

This floor's most notable feature is the four switches near the stairs down, which control gates scattered around the floor. Some gates need to have the corresponding switch on, some need their switch off. Getting to the 23F stairs is as easy as turning all four switches on and heading straight north, but a magic circle blocks the stairs until you trip three event switches around the floor. Explore thoroughly, trying each gate switch on and off; there's plenty of items on this floor.

Notable Enemies

Strategists, who will plague you here and for the next two floors as well, will almost always act before your party (with speed <720) and will cast a 100% DEF/MND buff on all enemies. They have almost no HP or defenses of their own and can be taken out with even weak hits, but they make enemy parties much tougher.



Celestial Bright Demon

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
10,000,000 220+ 600,000 188,000 Holy Blade 'Sunlight'
This boss will use Destroy Magic on its first turn and every four turns thereafter, so don't lead with your setup team and try to switch your heavy hitters out before it uses it again. It mostly uses strong magic, such as Ether Flare, Shooting Star, and Ultimate Light Cannon, though can debuff your party with Cry of Anguish or cause DTH with a single-target or party death spell. The Demon is vulnerable to debuffs and can be paralyzed and poisoned - Komachi works well for the former and Mystia/Suwako can keep it paralyzed for most of the battle. It's vulnerable to SPI attacks, so Yuyuko would be a great damage dealer here.

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