21F: The Fighting Youkai Power Plant

The first floor of the Plus Disk content, you'll only be able to explore the tiny room from 20F until you have at least three stars - a seal blocks the way in otherwise. This is not a terribly difficult area if you've spent time leveling for the final boss and Boss Rush, and all bosses on this floor are optional - in fact, you can only get to one of them when you first get here, and won't stand a chance against it (or any boss on this floor) for some time yet.

Things to do on this floor:

  • Recruit Kanako. You need to visit a seal first, which is just south of the stairways from 20F (although you need to loop counter-clockwise to reach it). Afterwards, you can find Kanako at the southeast part of the floor. She'll join without a fight.
  • Trigger events. There's a flower on this floor needed to fight Yuka later, and a control rod needed to fight Utsuho later (after recruiting Kanako).
  • Fight bosses. Baal Avatar is the only one that can be fought at the moment, and he will likely overpower your party. Also, the only sigil released via defeating him on this floor simply leads to an even tougher boss that is designed to be one of the absolute last bosses, so there is no hurry.

Notable Enemies

Centaurus Fly enemies are much faster than any of your party will be at this point, and have a party paralysis attack - but are unthreatening beyond that. Dark Heads have so much defense that a defense-ignoring attacker like Kaguya is needed to hurt them at all, and they can buff the enemy party's defenses as well.

Massive kedamas may look silly and may also be slow, but you need to take them out quick. They have high HP, making said goal somewhat difficult. If they manage to get out an attack, they can do a powerful single-target physical attack that can one-shot your mage characters and glass cannons if they're unlucky enough to get hit. Beware when 3 of these guys show up at once.



Baal Avatar

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
6,000,000 230+ 540,000 144,000 Gurthang
Baal Avatar is a hard-hitting physical attacker. Naturally, he has good DEF, but very little MND, so you want to rely on your MAG-users for attacks and designate ATK-users and tanks as switchers. Apart from extremely powerful Single-target attacks, most of his worst moves like Demon Slashing Dance and Semidare Slash are Row-target. Your weaker characters are relatively safe from these in the 3rd and 4th slot, but anyone in Slots 1 or 2 who isn't a high-DEF tank or HP-beast Komachi will die. His only MAG-attack, Dark blaze, is by far his weakest move. Also, go into this fight with SIL-resistance on anyone except dedicated switchers, as he also likes to throw out a Silence Cloud from time to time. When Avatar of Baal gets close to death, his speed and attack power increases drastically and you'll want to finish him off as fast as possible.


HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
11,000,000 320+ 1,024,800 340,000 Extinction Cannon
Fighting Okuu is a little like fighting Flandre on 15F. Aside from a little stat-debuffing, all she really does is a lot of damage. It helps a lot to go into this fight with high FIR and MYS resistances on all characters. You want to buff up in the early phase of the fight, but concentrate more on ATK and MAG than your defenses. Try to deal a lot of damage, especially after Okuu has lost about half of her health. She will use Hell's Tokamak and Giga Flare at that point to hit extremely hard, only your tanks might survive the latter and she doesn't even announce it by focussing like many other bosses. Overall, the fight is a typical damage rush: Kill her before she kills you, because of her high SPD and strong attacks, it is almost impossible to stay in control. It helps to switch out injured characters early, you won't be able to keep up with the healing otherwise.

Bloodstained Seal Bosses, Version 2

Name HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
Master Light Wings E.V.D 9,999,999 350+ 2,000,000 1,680,000 None
Beast of Centaurus 16,666,666/20,000,000 (Breakaway Form) 440+ 2,000,000 1,000,000 None
Bloody Papa 12,800,000 420+ 1,680,000 1,680,000 None
Hibachi-sama 20,000,000 380+ 1,888,000 1,480,000 None
Don't misunderstand the image: These are 4 individual fights, not all at once. Near the entrance of this floor, you'll find barriers that you can only pass if you have defeated one of each of 4 sigil guardians from floors 21-25. Each leads into a small chamber with a boss from the bloodstained-seal-quest, but this time buffed for end-game-content. Hibachi-sama is leftmost, next to him is Bloody Papa, first on the right side is Master Light Wings and rightmost is Beast of Centaurus. Most of the strategies from the first encounters apply once again. However, Beast of Centaurus's first form is deceptively easy, but his second one has a huge amount of HP this time. Adding his enormous speed and strong attacks makes this fight by far the toughest of the 4 this time. Don't mistake this phase for a damage rush like Ver. 1, try to stay buffed up and healed up.

Beating these 4 bosses again is required to challenge the Hibachi-Twins Ver. 2 on 30F.

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