20F: The Labyrinth of Touhou

  • This is it - the home stretch!
  • Well, maybe not; if you enter this floor at the first opportunity you get (immediately after reaching 19F), you won't really be able to go anywhere due to a series of sealed glyphs right near the entrance (the main 20F floorspace is sealed by the 19F sigil guardians). Even so, if you're feeling brave (or foolish), you can still try your hand against the random battles...
    • However, if you can stand it down here, the random battles are great opportunity for grinding - there's much more experience waiting for you. The best strategy is to set your party up as Yukari, Rinnosuke, any powerful nuker, and Flandre, in that order. Manipulate speed via equipment so Rinnosuke is the fastest and Yukari is the slowest. Have Rinnosuke use World Shaking Military Rule on his turn, the nukers attack (Flandre should use Starbow Break on first turn only) and Yukari use Yukari's Spiriting Away, then have everyone attack again (Flandre in the last slot is in perfect condition to use Lavetain, as it will not interupt anyone else's turn). This will almost surely kill anyone you meet on this floor, but unfortunately will require returning to Gensokyo immediately.
  • On that note, the random battles are the only real difficulty in reaching the final boss: Looping down from the lower left to upper left to top center to reach the final Relay Point and the final boss is the only real difficulty on the floor, aside from a little treasure hunting.
  • More of the 20th floor becomes accessible after defeating the final boss. See Labyrinth of Touhou: Postgame for details.

Notable Enemies

Every random battle on 20F is notable to a degree, since they're all difficult enough that they could be considered minibosses in their own right! You may want to bring Rinnosuke with your initial active party on this floor, to use World Shaking Military Rule on your first encounter. But only a few enemies deserve specific warning about.

  • The Norns: ~320k HP. Each turn the Norns get, they attack with an elemental 'Wind' spell (Lightning Wind, Green Wind, etc), a status-effect attack that hits the whole party (Sealing Slash, Purple Paralysis Cloud, etc), then a single-target front-row attack that deals immense damage. The Norns have astronomically high SPD, so it is easy to get overrun, but only have 18 debuff resistance. They appear with 2 Truth-Seeing Eyes. Drops: Ribbon.
  • Hellfire Demonsky: ~376k HP. Magical Hellfire deals damage to all, and can cause DTH, PAR, and/or SIL. Yes, that means it can kill or disable your entire party if you're unlucky. Have someone generally resistant around. Weak to SPI and CLD, very resistant to FIR, moderately resistant to other elements. Can also summon a lesser demon, which are Solar Demon Kings from 19F, so the same strategies apply against these foes as when you fought them before (You DO gain EXP or SP from defeating these after they are summoned, be aware of this) It can also Thousand-Armed Kannon a random party member for very good damage. Drops: Divine Spirit Barrier.
  • Diamond Knight: ~240k HP. Scourge deals ~200,000 damage to the frontmost member; unless your level is ridiculously high, this will kill them. Since the knight is also pretty resilient, expect at least one casualty... if you stick around to fight. Drops: Scourge.
  • Blue Comet SPT Ancient Soldier: ~332k HP. All of its attacks increase its speed by up to 200%, which can get you killed very quickly. But its defenses are poor, so take it out first. Weak to FIR. Drops: Karen device.

Although all of the enemies on the floor are effectively minibosses, they're not all immune to instant death. Exa Grain, Executioner, Blue Comet SPT Ancient Soldier, and Raijin's Expenditure all have a DTH resist of about 30, giving Yuyuko's Flawless Saigyouji Nirvana 12% chance of getting rid of them in one shot. Probably not something to be relied upon, though.

It is important to note that Diamond Knight, Executioner, Raijin's Expenditure, and Hellfire Demonsky are the only sources of their respective drops in the game. It is therefore necessary to defeat all of these enemies until obtaining their drops to obtain the items star needed to continue into the plus-disk content. Fortunately, the Special Disk increased the drop rates to 5% if you do not have the item, and 1.5% otherwise.



Maribel Han

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
3,500,000 150+ 160,000 128,000 N/A
The final boss of the main storyline, Maribel is a test of everything you've learned up to this point - buff management, healing, choosing the appropriate characters for the situation. The final Relay Point is right in front of her position on the map, so there is no excuse for being unprepared.

The first thing you'll likely notice is that she's extremely slow, especially compared to previous bosses, and doesn't use any especially strong or dangerous attacks, so you shouldn't have any problems managing your team - at least, not for the first part of the battle: Maribel also calls upon three summons that must also be defeated in order to claim victory.

Shredding Amnesier 600,000 HP
Aria-Singing Toruastory 500,000 HP
Staring Igmaruji 800,000 HP
For the most part, any party capable of defeating the first two Bloodstained Seal bosses should have absolutely no trouble getting to the phase where Maribel starts summoning her minions; from there, things start getting trickier.

She summons her first minion, Shredding Amnesier, once you cause 500,000 HP damage to her, the second, Aria-Singing Toruastory, at one million HP down, and the third, Staring Igmaruji, at 1.5 million down. Once she starts summoning her minions, neither she nor they can be removed from battle until all three are present. Once all three minions are out, Maribel's HP will reset to two million. Don't bother trying to kill her minions until then (though any debuffs or statuses you can inflict in the meantime, of course, will certainly help). Amnesier is a strong physical attacker with a variety of single- and row-target attacks, Toruastory is a magic attacker with an array of spells you're likely familiar with by now, and Igmaruji attacks weakly but almost all its spells can cause statuses or debuffs - PAR and SIL resistance are especially important to boost for this battle. Note that Amnesier is extremely weak to paralysis while Toruastory is extremely weak to debuffs. Igmaruji is unfortunately immune to both.

Once all three minions are summoned, Maribel and her minions will now all be killable, and the fight proper begins. Each minion has a powerful move that they will use every 15 (8 for Toruastory) turns after all three minions are out - Amnesier will use Scourge to deal about 150,000 damage to whoever's in front (and inflict a bunch of status including DTH if the target somehow survives); Toruastory will use Strengthen Jutsu to max out its MAG buff; Igmaruji will use Djinn Storm to zero the entire party's SP. In addition, the remaining minions gain extra speed as you defeat the others, and once only one minion is left, that minion gains a 15% chance of using its special attack on any given turn in addition.

Should you decide to destroy all three of her minions before finishing her off, Maribel will go into berserk mode: her speed jumps considerably higher, as well as doubling her DEF/MND, and she becomes entirely immune to all statii. She then uses her next turn to cast Overflowing Unnatural Power, which buffs her stats further and enables her to use her final arsenal of (a large variety) of moves against you. Unless your level is fairly high or you just want to challenge yourself, this is a highly dangerous phase that you DO NOT want to face.

The better survival tactic is to leave one minion alive, and defeat Maribel in the meantime, as a berserking Mari is a lot more dangerous than all her minions combined. The best way to execute this tactic is, you should kill Igmaruji first (as you cannot control it via status effects, and Djinn Storm is extremely crippling). Afterwards, kill another minion of your choice. (Toruastory is probably safer to keep around, since Strengthen Jutsu can be negated by Tenshi's Sword of Rapture, or repeated application of Discarder/Seeker Doll/Curse of Tsuki Iwakasa. However, if your team has sufficient PAR inflictors, you might consider keeping Amnesier: with a bit of effort, it's relatively easy to keep him in a constant state of paralysis, meaning you can actually keep him from taking even a single turn.) Then, start focusing your damage on Mari. Once she's down (there're no special tricks), take down the minion you left alive, and you will win the battle. Another tactic you might adopt is to keep both Amnesier and Toruastory alive, to avoid facing their special attacks, although this will likely slow your damage down, as you will need to expend additional effort to control the extra minion.

Once you defeat Maribel, you have officially beaten the main game of Labyrinth of Touhou. Congratulations!!

Bloody Papa

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
1,280,000 170+ 168,000 226,800 N/A
The fourth Bloodstained Seal boss, Bloody Papa is a very dangerous enemy with high magic ability. First, note that he CANNOT BE HARMED BY MAGIC ATTACKS. Yep, you have to go through this fight with physical-based spells only. Not even Silent Selene or Master Spark can scratch him. However, he is very vulnerable to debuff spells. On his first turn, and every four turns afterwards, he uses Strengthen Jutsu, raising his MAG by 100%. Compounding his high damage is Djinn Storm, which can effectively shut you down if he casts it early. Try to get some defensive buffs up or throw a Narrow Confines of Avici at him before that happens. Like Hibachi before him, Bloody Papa has an extremely dangerous party MYS attack in Papa's Washing Machine, and unlike Hibachi he's free to use it whenever he wishes. He'll use it more frequently as his HP drops; again, get a tank with high MYS affinity to soak it. Ultimately he's not too different from Hibachi - survive the Washing Machines and take him down as fast as possible. He has very low resistance to debuffs, which can and should be abused, particularly to abate Strength Jutsu's efforts.

A second, riskier, strategy is to use Rinnosuke, Yukari and two very powerful physical nukers, such as Nitori, Yuugi or Flandre or else Kaguya and a physical nuker. Have your party order as Rinnosuke, Yukari, Weaker Attacker, Stronger Attacker Gear Rinnosuke and your attackers towards damage, while Yukari doesn't need any special equipment. Manipulate speed values using skill points so that Rinnosuke goes first, your attackers next, and Yukari last, but Yukari must be fast enough to get two turns in before Bloody Papa can attack on his second turn. Start off with World-Shaking Military Rule, and have your attackers unleash their strongest blows. Next, have Yukari use Spiriting Away, and have Rinnosuke switch her out, and your weaker attacker switch her in. Your stronger attacker should attack as usual. Rinnosuke and your weaker attacker should now get their turn, and they should attack. If Yukari gets a turn in, and your attackers are strong enough, congrats, you win. If not, game over.

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