1F: The Road Hewn From Nature

  • Welcome to the Labyrinth! This floor isn't too hard, large, or even complex at all, so take your time to search out every corner and get used to using spells. When your TP or SP drops low, run back to Gensokyo to recharge and save. Make sure to do so before a boss! There's three major events to complete on this floor...
  • 1. Recruiting Meiling. When you encounter an event in which the party hears someone crying, you're getting close. After the second one, you will find a boss marker (A large angry face) a few steps later. Engage and defeat Meiling, and she will join the party. Don't forget to go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion to actually add her!
  • 2. Recruiting Chen. You'll have to chase her around the floor, with her becoming a boss on the third encounter. Viewing the mini-map via A can help you find where she went. As she's harder to beat than Meiling, you should recruit Meiling first.
  • 3. Map out the entirety of 1F. It's a bit tedious, but it's a good way to ensure that your party is sufficiently leveled to face the challenges ahead. This way you will also be able to collect all the treasures, activate any events that need activating, and if any future event sequences cause events to open up on previous floors, you will be able to spot them immediately. On this particular floor there's a scrap of notebook paper and an event involving Rumia, both of which are required to recruit characters in the future, so make sure you find them.
  • 4. Move on to 2F. Head to the very southeast corner once you're ready, then take the center branch of three to find the stairs.
  •  ?. If you discover a Bloody Seal, you can begin a chain of events meant for the postgame. The first seal does nothing dangerous, but makes others appear. If you see another Bloody Seal, you will be given a choice whether you'd like to release it or not. Releasing it will trigger a boss battle meant for far, far later in the game, and you will be run over, so don't do it. Full data on the Bloodstained Seal sidequest is on the Labyrinth of Touhou: Postgame page. Also available in the location Meiling was originally in is a Disgusting Malice which is also much stronger than your current party.

Notable Enemies

No enemies on 1F are particularly dangerous.

Possible Drops: Ancient Flying Squirrel, Power Belt, Shimenawa, Straw Ring of Prayer, Hirami Lemon, Fragment of Soul




Hong Meiling

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
4,000 7+ 280 138 Unwavering Will
Brilliant Light Gem Single-target SPI physical attack. Unremarkable power.
Mountain Breaker Single-target physical attack. Somewhat ignores DEF.
Colourful Rain Self-heal for ~1800 HP (Only used once)
The first boss you will probably fight, and by far the easiest. Limited to single-target attacks without much attack power, your only real obstacle is really yourself. If you've put your hardier party members up front to soak up damage (Remilia and Sakuya), and occasionally have Reimu use Great Hakurei Border or Exorcising Border to heal/buff defenses, you shouldn't have much of an obstacle. Except for Reimu, or if you opt to use Lunar Dial, everyone else should attack. Once her HP gets low, she'll heal herself notably, but it just means you're almost done. If you can't beat her, why not level up a few times and go back to her when ready.

It's worth noting that although her drop isn't by any means crucial in the long run, there are only two in the game (The other's found on 2F), and they're very useful for now. You may want to try again until you get it.


HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
4,000 10+ 212 160 Lightning Ball
Flight of Idaten Single-target physical attack. Weak, but barely any wait time, so she'll use it rapidly.
Phoenix Spread Wings Multi-target row physical attack. Fairly weak.
Kimon Tonkou Raises own attack power.
Unlike Meiling, Chen can be actually threatening. Get Meiling first, then put her up front with Remilia for this fight. Chen's advantage is her rapid attacks, and also boasts the first multi-targetting attack you'll probably see. However, it's a Row attack, so even a fragile character like Patchy can withstand it if in slot 4. Regardless, she's going to be getting in a lot of attacks due to her extreme SPD and Flight of Idaten's low delay. If you can keep yourself defense buffed and healed (Remilia can now buff herself safely with Curse of Vlad Tepes due to Meiling's inclusion), your two tanks can probably soak up more than enough damage to beat down Chen in that time. Try using Princess Undine to take advantage of her significant CLD weakness for the most damage. It's up to you if you want the drop; it'll be effective for now, but you'll get plenty later. Again, if you can't beat them, gain a few levels.

Peg Insect

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
2,000 12+ 70 72 Para Resistance Ring
Swoop Single-target physical attack. Expect to be OHKO'd unless Peg Insect targets a wall.
Paralysis Powder Multi-target paralysis.
This boss will either OHKO one of your weaker party members, or target Remilia or China who might be able to survive a hit. Regardless, due to its low HP, you should be able to kill it before it causes too much trouble. Again, level up more if you can.

Master Light Wings E.V.D.

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
999,999 135+ 200000 168000 None
The first Bloodstained Seal boss. As you can see by the level recommendation above, you should not even THINK about fighting this thing when you first start a new game; it WILL obliterate your party with its opening move (with extremely impressive numbers for that early in the game). However, those who have just cleared the main game - which is when you're meant to take part in this battle - will likely have a team of characters whose levels meet or exceed the recommendation, and should find the battle to suit them quite nicely. If it still doesn't work, maybe level up even more.
Needle Parade Multi-target whole damage.
Ballistic Light Single-target whole damage. MYS attribute. An upgraded magical light.
Magical Light Single-target whole damage. MYS attribute.
Flame Blast Row-target whole damage. FIR attribute.
Final Danmaku - Light Wings Expansion Multi-target whole damage.
It will open up with Needle Parade, so one might want to keep low HP party members in reserve. When it has about 150,000 HP left, it will spam Light Wings Expansion until either it dies or your party dies. The boss is completely immune to all status ailments and debuffs, and won't use any status effects of its own, so this will just be a raw damage race.

Hibachi #1 and Hibachi #2

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
1,500,000 each 210+ 377,600 296,000  ?
The last Bloodstained Seal boss. See Labyrinth of Touhou: Postgame for more details. Hibachi #1 is only vulnerable to magic, while Hibachi #2 can only be hurt with physical attacks. Both are immune to composite-based attacks that target both defenses, but are still vulnerable to defense-ignoring attacks regardless of their nature. The attacks of each one are not too bad on their own, but if you defeat one of the two, the other one gains new moves that will probably annihilate your party. The solution is to deal an equal amount of damage to each (a little more to Hibachi #2, so he dies first) and having a full-SP Master Spark ready. When only Hibachi #1 is left, release the Master Spark and use other strong MAG-users if that isn't enough. (If your party is extremely heavy on physical attackers, you want to obviously leave Hibachi #2 alive.)

There's one more special thing about this boss: While both Hibachis have 1.500.000 HP, the first one who gets below 500.000 will have his HP reduced to 1 point after his next attack. If you count the damage you do carefully, you can guess when this happens and concentrate on the other Hibachi before you deal the finishing blow. This will make the dreaded phase 2 much shorter. However, note that each Hibachi will still go berserk if left under 500k HP for 4 turns, so don't take too long in defeating the other Hibachi either. Again, leveling up a few more times is possible.

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