19F: The Great Labyrinth Encouraging Martyrs Dreaming of Paradise

The penultimate floor, it looks at first like you can just walk straight to floor 20; however, there are four seals on 20F corresponding to four guardian bosses on 19F.

Although the next floor has enemies that give ten times as much experience as the enemies on this floor (although those enemies always fight alone), the enemies on this floor will give about twice as much as the enemies on the floor below, and from about level 100 on to whenever you can reliably fight floor 20 enemies without using World Shaking Military Rule, this floor will let you fly through levels, gaining two or three levels a trip for your whole party if you really stretch your TP.

Cirno and Reimu's ability to paralyze enemies continues to prove devastatingly effective against the majority of enemies on this floor, and provided they have at least 225 speed (which may require some heavy investment on Reimu's part) then they will be able to paralyze almost everything.

Notable Enemies

Schrodinger's Cats can Shadowstep, paralyzing your party, and have a spell that buffs all enemies and fills their action gauges.

The only real threat to a fast enough Cirno or Reimu, however, are the Truth-Seeing Eyes and Large Tree Dryads, which are the only enemies that will regularly resist paralysis, and can hit with powerful magic attacks. The dryads have large HP totals, but low defenses, speed, and are weak to fire and ice, so they can be easily dispatched. Truth-Seeing Eyes, however, have about 100,000 HP, but resist every element besides nature, and have very high MND, so dropping them before they can get a turn requires characters with non-elemental or nature-elemental physical or MND-piercing attacks.



Rainbow Phoenix

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
660000 120+ 46800 23400 Acceleration Module
The Rainbow Phoenix is a simple burn battle. It's extremely fast and will likely be getting two or more turns for each of your party members'. It cycles through all six "wind" attacks, hitting your entire party almost constantly. A character with about 10500+ MND takes zero damage and can effectively solo the fight. Otherwise, the best way to deal with it is to lead with Rinnosuke, Reimu, and two high-MND damage dealers - between World-Shaking Military Rule and Exorcising Border, the phoenix will deal little damage and go down fast. Take advantage of a weakness to WND and kill it before it kills you.


HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
1000000 120+ 50000 22400 Shuuten-douji's Bangle
Genocider is a hard-hitting physical attacker, but doesn't really have much to scare you with aside from Rasetsu Fist, which deals a DEF-ignoring 8000 or so damage, and several generic single- and row-target attacks. Deal with it the same way as the Rainbow Phoenix - Military Rule and your strongest attacks should bring it down in no time.

Great Intellect

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
450000 120+ 31200 44800 Omoikane's Insight
A pure magic enemy, the Great Intellect has an absolutely massive MND, taking virtually no damage even from Patchouli's magic attacks. The boss has a wide variety of magic to throw at you; high-MND physical attackers like Suika and Orin are highly effective at both taking its hits and dealing damage back. Even then, you'll need to switch out often due to Destroy Magic. Great Intellect's DEF is extremely low, and if you can survive its attacks taking it down shouldn't be much of a problem. Take note of its immunity to debuffs.


HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
580000 125+ 34600 39660 Energy Crystal
Possibly the toughest of the 19F bosses, Cosmic is an extremely powerful magic attacker. Not only can it deal high magic damage already, it uses a spell called Strengthen Jutsu every 5 turns, which increases its magic by 100% and stacks past 100%. Needless to say, it's pretty much over if it casts this more than once. This battle is essentially a race to kill it before it wipes you out; it doesn't have great defenses and is vulnerable to debuffs, so bring in your heaviest hitters and get a Narrow Confines of Avici off early. Avoid SPI and MYS attacks, since it has very high resistance to both.

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