18F: The Irreversible Spiral Orbit

As the floor's name implies, 18F is chock full of one-way floors. Every path that doesn't lead to the 19F stairs will ultimately lead back to the start of this floor, so be prepared to do a lot of backtracking, especially if you want all the items. The amount of experience from enemies jumps significantly on this floor; expect to gain levels very quickly as you explore. You'll need it for the battle against Rinnosuke.

Notable Enemies

First of all, a great many enemies on this floor have very high SPI and MYS resistance, while the only other elemental resistance you will find is on Rabbit Snipers, which have 200 Nature resistance. Because of this, characters like Marisa or Yuyuko, who only have MYS or SPI attacks will be significantly less useful, and may make the floor even harder than it already is. Almost any other element, however, will be very useful, as everything on this floor takes extra damage from fire attacks, except for Guardians, which only take regular damage, and only Phantoms resist Cold and Wind. Likewise, almost every attack used by enemies on this floor is either MYS or non-elemental, although Etherlites have SPI-elemental attacks, as well. MYS resistance may save your characters.

The EXP here is basically double that of the previous floor, which was itself about one and a half times that of the floor before it, making this a place where you can make some significant leaps forward in levels... provided you don't mind having to return to base very frequently due to the ability of enemies here to regularly knock out party members fairly easily. If you haven't before, from this level onward, it's definitely worth considering swapping out party members who take a hit with a fresh character in battle, or swapping out characters whose status ailment abilities aren't effective against certain enemies mid-fight - you lose 1 TP for the swap, but you don't get the penalty for the loss of HP, so it may wind up saving TP in the end, anyway.

Rabbit Snipers have an attack called Snipe that often targets the third or fourth character in your party, and Arrow Rain that just attacks your whole party, and can appear in groups of two. They have 188 speed, and decent PAR and NTR resistances, but only 56,000 HP, low DEF, low FIR and CLD resistance, and can generally be taken down by a pair of fast characters like Orin's Blazing Wheel and Cirno's Perfect Freeze if they can go first.

Shub-Nigguraths can use Destroy Magic, which reduces your active party's SP to zero, and powerful MYS attacks, as well as heavy resistances to ailments and are essentially immune to MYS and SPI damage. They are vulnerable to any other elements, however. Their high speed and PAR immunity probably makes them the most pressing danger to your party if you are paralyzing most of your enemies off the bat with Cirno and Reimu, and you are a high enough level that Guardians aren't the dire threat that they probably pose when you first enter the floor.

Guardians and Peta Gains may look like the same type of enemy, but they're resistances set them distinctly apart. Guardians have very high DEF and MND, and 66,000 HP to go with it. In addition, its powerful attack is often enough to knock out all but the sturdiest tanks, and it even has decent PAR resistance. Their weakness lies in debuffs and low WND resistance. They will probably knock out party members regularly at first, but if you have Suika with somewhere close to 8000 attack, her Atlas Throw can start one-hit-killing these things.

Peta Grains, meanwhile, have no PAR resistance, so when they occur in pairs, Mesh of Light and Darkness, Evil Sealing Circle, or Diamond Blizzard or even Irremovable Shackles or Moriya Iron Ring can pin them in place for entire battle, giving you an opportunity to recover SP if you so choose, and completely eliminating their threat to your party while you take on more dangerous foes.

Phantoms, likewise, are only moderately fast, and have no paralysis resistance, making them easy targets for Diamond Blizzard or Evil Sealing Circle, which can completely eliminate their threat to your party.

Etherlites, meanwhile, have PAR immunity (and of course, MYS and SPI resistance,) and heavily damaging spells like Ether Flare that pierce MND and hit the whole party, as well as PAR-inflicting spells, making them dire threats, but they have low DEF and a weakness to FIR and CLD elements, and are slow enough that almost anyone in your party should go before them. Prioritize knocking them out second only to Shub-Nigguraths, although since both are vulnerable to the same thing, a powerful attack-all FIR or CLD attack is effective upon both.

If you don't mind returning to the base painfully often, bringing out a couple high-SPD characters and Flandre can help make grinding on this level somewhat easier; firing off a number of multi-hit spells or buffing Flandre's ATK/MAG with the faster characters then firing off a Laveatein can finish off most enemies on this floor before they can get a chance to move (except Peta Grains and Guardians). As mentioned before, be wary of Rabbit Snipers and Shub-Nigguraths (both of whom have appreciably high SPD), who can either kill Flandre or neuter her offensive ability in one turn.




HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
1,360,000 (Initial); 1,260,000 (Fire); 1,280,000 (Cold); 1,240,000 (Nature); 1,280,000 (Wind); 1,220,000 (Mystic); 1,240,000 (Spirit); 200,000 (Final) 120+ 156,000 118,800 Star of Elendil
By far the longest and most technical battle up to this point, Rinnosuke has no less than eight different forms you have to fight against. For his initial form, you need to reduce his HP to below one million before he starts switching through his elemental forms. Rinnosuke can take on any of his six elemental forms, each with its own HP and a weakness to its opposite element (i.e. fire form is weak to cold). Each element keeps track of its own HP; each must be reduced below one million HP, at which point he'll use Form Destruction and that form will be destroyed. All six need to be destroyed before his final form.

All in all, you need to deal at least 2,080,000 damage to him at minimum to cycle through all his forms and defeat him. If you are unable to deal enough damage fast enough to force Rinnosuke to use Form Destruction, he will instead use Form Shift; this 'stores' his form for later. It is not considered destroyed, and in fact it slowly 'regenerates' health offscreen until he throws it out again (this regeneration is quite small, at 6000 HP per turn, but this can pile up). In general, you need to destroy a form within six or seven of his turns before he uses Form Shift.

Rinnosuke can use a large repertoire of attacks depending on what form he's in. In all forms he has access to Scarlet Gold Sword and Start of Heavenly Demise, strong attacks that also drain 1 TP from their targets. Otherwise, in his initial form, the biggest threat he has is Rasetsu Fist, which can do 6000 defense-ignoring damage and prevent Tenshi from walling him completely. During his elemental forms, he will use a strong party attack (row-target in MYS/SPI form, multi-target in others) whenever his global turn count is divisible by 4. Otherwise, the moves he use will either be the omnipresent sword/heavenly demise, or a mostly form-specific attack. He is at his most dangerous during WND form (lots and lots of PAR-inducing attacks, and some are multi-target to boot), and SPI form (Flux of Yomotsu Hirasaka can inflict instant death). Of his other forms, MYS form has several attacks that can debuff; NTR form has a strong poison attack via Hazard Toxin and a really strong special attack; CLD form has Sealing Slash which can inflict SIL on the entire party; FIR form is just (unimpressive) damage. Don't keep him in WND and SPI form for too long, while you can feel free to rest up a bit in FIR (and to a lesser extent CLD). Finally, in his final form, he will use World Shaking Military Rule to buff his ATK, DEF, MAG and MND by 75% every 4 turns, and otherwise simply stick to either Scarlet Gold Sword or Start of Heavenly Demise.

This fight is largely a battle for survival; if you're at an appropriate level and making full use of defensive buffs, most of Rinnosuke's attacks aren't truly dangerous, just strong. Note, however, that he's completely immune to debuffs and can't be poisoned or paralyzed, so concentrating on your own buffs is the only option. He becomes much more dangerous when his final form is reached, as with Military Rule in effect Start of Heavenly Demise is likely an instant party kill. He only has 200k HP in the form, so take him quickly before he can take you down. Also, if you can arrange it, taking down his last elemental form right as he is about to perform a strong special helps, as this means he won't use World Shaking Military Rule until four turns later.

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