17F: The Starry Space Reaching the Gods

17F is utterly devoid of happenings; there are no events to see, no treasure to find, and no bosses to fight - which is fine, seeing as 17F is another warp puzzle, similar to the one found on 7F (although this time, you'll discover some partial satisfaction from the fact that many of this floor's teleporters work both ways; however, don't let the map's overall symmetry fool you - it's just as easy to become lost on this floor as it was on 7F). It's possible to figure out the proper path through trial and error, as there are no switches to push, but as there's nothing to see on this floor event-wise (and the enemies aren't really worth the XP for the effort on this floor, see below), it may be best to just blaze through it; the fastest way is to use the 17F shortest route map on the JP wiki (click "View" under the map section and scroll down).

Notable Enemies

The first thing you're likely to notice about this floor (aside from the warp puzzle) is that instead of having events to see and stuff to do, this floor concentrates all its effort on having notable enemies: This floor has some very difficult random encounters.

The Angel Conceptions are particularly nasty, the 'Battle' and 'Magic' forms sporting high SPD and annoyingly high attack power, putting a strain on your TP. The 'Holy' form is perhaps the most hazardous, however, and she should be targeted first whenever she appears. Her God Press can wipe out an unbuffed party in one hit due to her insane attack power. Each Angel Conception has a limited resistance to Death, but is immune to one other status ailment, and totally vulnerable to two others. Paralysis always hits the incredibly annoying 'Holy' and the 'Magic' conceptions, and characters like Cirno or Reimu can be fairly easily equipped to go faster than those two, and always keep them shut down with repeated paralysis applications. 'Battle', meanwhile, is weak to non-SPI magic attacks and has relatively low HP, but is fast enough that it's pretty much guaranteed she'll get a shot off no matter what you do.

Similarly, Spirit Crystallizations often come in packs, and their Dual Colourful Light is a row-target attack with very high power. If you let them get a turn, expect to lose a party member or two. They have insanely high MND and SPI resistance plus immunity to all non-death status ailments, but low HP and no DEF, so multi-target physical attacks are most useful.

Gold Knights aren't as fast as some of the other enemies on this floor, but what they lack in SPD they more than make up for in HP/DEF/MND and ATK. Double Slash and Triple Sword only target one party member at a time, but they are likely to kill most non-tank characters.

This is not a floor for grinding, by any means. The difficulty of the enemies on this floor aren't worth the EXP, and the EXP rewards on the next floor are way better. If you want to blaze through this level, try throwing TP items on Chen or Aya, and just escape from all the battles you can in a dash for the exit. There are some good drops here (the Egg of Life, for instance), but it might be more convenient to come back later, when you are slightly better-levelled and better-prepared.



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