16F: Mystery Battlefield

The stairs to 17F (and long-awaited showdown with Yukari) are just to the right of the relay point, but to get there you have to flip four switches. Three are in the upper left, lower left, and upper right corners of the map, while the last one is in the lower middle. There's some useful treasure hidden behind the sigils, but you'll have to beat the Great Stamp on 15F to access them. It's recommended you do this before fighting Yukari anyways, as you'll need all the help and levels you can get.

Notable Enemies

Two enemies are particularly dangerous on this floor. Gold Sorceresses possess extreme levels of magic power and extremely high defenses as well, and in many cases it is far smarter to run from fights involving them, as you risk a high chance of a party-wide death from moves like God Press and Ether Flare.

Helbelmares are also dangerous - they've got the second-lowest HP of any enemy on this floor, but they also have the highest defenses. You'll need to use an attack with defense-piercing qualities, like Silent Selene, or otherwise obscene attack power, like Knockout in Three Steps, in order to take them down. They also have 0 DTH resistance, so even Narrow Confines of Avici has a chance to instant-kill them. If they get a turn, they'll either heal everyone for a ridiculous amount of HP, or, if they're the only ones left, they'll cast Huge Earthquake to deal incredible amounts of physical damage to your party. Until you can take them down reliably, run.

However, by this point in the game, most enemy encounters can be fairly dangerous. Obsidian Knights and Impurity Spreaders can stand up to a beating and dish one out, so crack open your bigger attacks. The remaining enemies on this floor tend to be faster overall and like to throw out PAR and PSN effects, so try to do your exploring on this floor with at least somewhat PAR-resistant characters, in order to avoid having your whole party stunned and set up for a beating by something more fierce.




HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
650,000 115+ 80,000 64,000 Gran Grimoire
Yukari has three different phases - one from 650k to 400k HP, one from 400k to 200k, and the last one underneath 200k. When she hits these landmark HP totals, she first will use Djinn Storm, which drops the SP of your entire team, even the reserves, to 0, and then on her next turn, will use Barrier Release, which changes her appearance somewhat, gives herself a DEF and MND buff, and enables new attacks. Fortunately, Djinn Storm fully depletes her action bar, and gives you plenty of time before she spends another turn doing something that only targets herself to give you a little time to recover. During the first phase, she tends to use extremely powerful row attacks like Flying Insect's Nest, so prepare your party accordingly. In the second phase, she starts using party-targetting attacks like Objective Border more often. In her third form, she'll use her strongest offensive spells and IN Quadruple Barrier, which increases all her stats significantly and makes surviving almost impossible, along with Mesh of Light And Darkness, which attacks your entire party, drops speed, and inflicts paralysis.

Defensively, she has very high stats in both DEF and MND comparable to the Helbelmare at 15,000 apiece, she's also weak to NTR and heavily resists SPI, and has slight poison resistance, although she is completely vulnerable to debuffs.

Debuffs are the key to winning this battle. You will quickly realize that her high MAG stat is amplified in spells like Flying Insect's Nest, or even worse, Hyperactive Flying Object by those spells' significant MND-piercing damage formulas, which mean that self-buffing spells are insufficient for reducing damage - only debuffing Yukari's MAG stat will keep you safe. If Yukari is at -50% MAG, she's almost harmless, but a +100% MAG Yukari will slaughter you mercilessly. Because of this, her damage-dealing spells are more an after thought, her real threats are Purification Prayer (removes debuffs) and IN Quadruple Barrier (all stats up). Also, Yukari only uses Hyperactive Flying Object in the third form if she has a SPD debuff on, and even then, only about a third of the time, but if she can use it, it will deal five digit damage without MAG debuffs, so Narrow Confines of Avici is insufficient for dropping Yukari's stats, but Discarder is an absolute life saver, and makes the whole fight significantly easier, but since you'll need all the SP you can get, you may want other characters who can debuff, especially SPD and MAG.

Her first two forms aren't particularly difficult to survive defeat if you're the right level - debuffing with Narrow Confines of Avici and/or Discarder and hitting her hard with your glass cannon characters in the back row should work well. Patchouli can serve especially well, since almost all her attacks are MAG or combination attacks, and as long as Yukari has MAG debuffs, Patchouli will be almost immune. The third form is what's really threatening - if you can't kill her before or right after she uses IN Quadruple Barrier, it's as good as losing, but your party's offense will be crippled due to Djinn Storm.

The most reliable way to kill her is to buff your attackers as much as possible before Djinn Storm hits, swap them into the back row to recover SP (and keep characters whose buffs you don't mind wearing off in the front to focus), then take down her remaining 200k HP all at once. Suwako, Patchouli, Nitori, Suika, and a few others can do some good damage all in a big rush, but keep in mind that Djinn Storm will wreck your SP, so Marisa has limited use.

Yukari attacks mostly with an array of status ailments, debuffs, and SP and action gauge draining suite of abilities, as well as powerful magic attacks. Bench anyone with low MND scores for this fight, and make sure that all your major damage dealers, buffers, and Reisen have all the SP Recovery items they can carry, as well as making sure that you have Paralysis, Debuff, and probably also Poison resistance to go around (Yukari only poisons in her second form, though, so this is not as important). Yukari has more SPI attacks than anything else, but these aren't a huge threat if you keep her MAG debuffed - her row attacking WND spells are devastating, however, and can deal 5-digit damage to the front character, so make sure that you have as much WND resistance on your front tanks as possible. Tenshi's MND score probably won't save her from Yukari's WND spells, and has low HP to back that up, but she does have Sword of Rapture, which gives you a prayer of erasing Yukari's buffs if she can use IN Quadruple barrier, while Meiling's Healing and Colorful Rain may otherwise be useful, even if she has half the MND of Tenshi. Suika can really shine as a tank in this fight, though, as she has high MND, HP, and Bean-Throwing Black Hole is a useful additional source of SPD debuffs, and Gathering And Dissipating can save a heavily debuffed unit. Throwing Mt. Tokagushi is NTR-elemental, which Yukari is weak against, but probably won't pierce Yukari's massive defense. You might also consider characters like Minoriko if you don't normally take her, as her dirt-cheap SP costs let her throw around healing spells and buffs, if only single-target ones, two or three times in a row off of just the first round of SP recovery, while your party-wide buff characters are still recovering SP. Aya, similarly, can speed buff at only 28 SP as opposed to Sakuya's 122, which is compounded by Sakuya functionally wasting part of that speed buff on herself in a fight where she'll probably only be used for speed buffing, anyway.

If 450k damage is dealt to Yukari before she uses Barrier Release, she will use Djinn Storm twice in a row and go directly to third phase. You may want to avoid this, as it allows her to not waste two turns on Barrier Release. Ultimately though, it does not matter much.

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