15F: Abnormal Cavern

To fully explore 15F, it's necessary to defeat all the sigil guardians on both 14F and 15F. The two from 14F unlock side areas (one of which leads to treasure, the other leads to the location where Flandre can be fought if the requirements are met). Defeating the Hill Gigas unlocks the transporter to the 16th floor and the location of Great Stamp. Defeating the Great Stamp is optional but unlocks several sealed-off treasure rooms on both 15F and 16F.

Notable Enemies

Blackenmels have an absoulutely ridiculous level of MND and DEF(24000 DEF, 18000 MND)which is even higher than Tenshi (15000 DEF and MND). The best way to defeat them is with Dark Side of the Moon from Rumia, but Knock Out in 3 Steps or either of Patchouli's 52 SP spells will work too or even, given a high enough magic stat, Princess Undine. Also, Chen's Phoenix spread wings will work if they are in the appropriate positions to take maximum damage from row attacks.



Hill Gigas

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
360,000 85+ 12,600 5,680 Windspun Armor
Thankfully, the Hill Gigas isn't a particularly intimidating boss. As the name suggests, all of its attacks are physical, but none are so strong that you should have to worry too much, though keeping tougher characters in the first slots is recommended. It's also highly vulnerable to paralysis and resistant to stat debuffs, so choose your party accordingly. The only real difficulty is the trek to reaching it.

Great Stamp

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
480,000 90+ 24,400 12,800 Egg of Life
Contrary to the Hill Gigas, the Great Stamp is quite dangerous and best left alone until you're higher level. Its physical attacks are enormously powerful, and Rasetsu Fist ignores defense, usually dealing 6000 damage and paralysis if the target somehow survives. Huge Tremor Strike does a large amount of physical NTR damage to the entire party but is usually survivable with some preparation. If Great Stamp is affected by a -SPD debuff, it'll use a boosted version of Huge Tremor Strike called Huge Earthquake, which has a damage multiplier of 300% instead of just 135%, meaning it will deal 2.22 times as much damage, but will not pierce defense any better. Great Stamp has no debuff resistance, mild poison resistance, and standard boss paralysis resistance, so pick your attacks accordingly.

The other method of handling this boss is to debuff it relentlessly, preferably with Reisen, so that you can ensure that it has -50% everything between every attack. This ensures every attack will be a Huge Earthquake, which means that Great Stamp will have a triple damage multiplier on any of its 5400 attack power that gets through debuffs, defense, and defensive buffs. On the plus side, this also means that Great Stamp will not use Rasetsu Fist, so if you CAN boost your defense enough, this battle is all but yours already. Under ideal conditions (all your defense stats at 100%, and all its stats at -50% before its turn), your characters will need at least 3240 defense to completely offset all damage. You can take advantage of any knocked out character to swap in a blank slot just before an attack to ensure that only characters who can survive the attacks will take the hits. Ultimately, if you can keep this rhythm up, all you need are your defensive buffers, tanks, Reisen, and someone who can dish out serious damage, and you can simply outlast Great Stamp without taking any risks.


HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
480,000 120+ 32,000 30,000 Sunglasses
As one would expect from a character whose ability is to "destroy anything", Flandre's no pushover. FIR and to a lesser extent MYS resistances are useful, and the same elements will do little to Flandre (ironically making Marisa one of the characters who have almost no chance of defeating her). On the other hand, she's very weak to CLD and SPI and can still be affected by paralysis and debuffs. When she's low on health she tends to use Laveatein repeatedly, which does huge composite FIR damage to the entire party. Before this point, she will use Forbidden Fruit, which is pretty much the same thing, only with a lower damage multiplier, and it is MYS-based.

Aside from elemental affinities, however, Flandre essentially has no tricks, no status ailments to protect from, and no major status vulnerabilities to exploit, it's just a straight-up damage-dealing brawl. This means that survival is based almost completely on simply fielding characters capable of surviving getting hit by spells like Starbow Break, Forbidden Fruit, or Laveatein. Key to defeating Flandre is understanding that all of her abilities have high damage multipliers, but no special ability to pierce defense, aside from Slash Drive, meaning about 8000 defense and 6000 mind, after buffs, is enough to make almost all of her attacks deal 0 damage. Unfortunately, without massive overleveling, such high stats are impossible for anyone but Tenshi, and even then, only with near-100% defense buffs. Because of this, you should probably just weld Tenshi into your front-rank slot, and will be well-served to have Meiling in the second slot, and simply use those two to switch or maybe throw down minor healing, and keep vulnerable nukers out of the party lines whenever Flandre is going to get a turn. Flandre's big killer spells, Laveatein and Forbidden Fruit are both composite spells, so characters like Patchouli, who have one really high defensive stat can compensate for a low defensive stat by simply pushing their combined defensive stats to around 6000 points before buffs, and keep heavy defensive buffs up, and just barely cling to life after a Laveatein. Healer-buffer characters like Reimu, Sanae, and Minoriko are extremely valuable for keeping those characters you leave out on their feet. Kaguya can also be particularly useful for getting out a double-dose of powerful nukes like Suwako, provided you can actually swap both those vulnerable characters back out in time.

This fight is extremely fast paced; it quickly becomes a race to do as much damage as possible to beat the Laveatein spam she uses as she becomes low on health. The more characters that can simply survive a shot of Laveatein you have, the easier the fight is, and Flandre's relatively low HP for the levels you'll have to be to get your characters to have those kinds of stats, mean that the fight will probably be over within Flandre getting a dozen turns one way or another. However, the speed of the fight means that paralysis becomes immensely useful, and it is very possible to land paralysis before she uses laveatein the first time and defeat her before the paralysis ends. Her resistance means that this strategy will require good luck and several attempts, however.

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