14F: The Labyrinth Challenge ~Day 19, 256 LDK~

  • Despite the floor's ominous-sounding name, this "labyrinth" is actually far easier to navigate than the 9F labyrinth due to the cell-block organization of its rooms, though it is far larger in size.
  • If you've seen all the required events, Yuyuko can be fought and recruited just south of the main stairs.
  • Once Yuyuko is defeated, an additional event with Orin will show up. After that event, there are two fights with single Knights of the Round at different spots, and then one chain of battles against multiple Knights and Orin herself near the 15F stairs.
  • If you've collected all of the Sake Jar Shards, you can talk to Suika twice to recruit her (no fight required).
  • If you've seen all the previous events, Flandre can be found in the lower left corner. Talk to her and she'll move to 15F.
  • There are two sigil guardians on this floor that must be defeated for certain parts of 15F to be accessible. Evil Forge at top-left is required to move on to 16F (and complete the game), while Triomagen at bottom right opens up optional areas, one of which Flandre will be in.
  • On the way to the 15F stairs, there's a story-related event, but no boss battle.

Notable Enemies

Manifested Knowledge has high MND and Afinities but no DEF to speak of. It also has access to a deadly attack known as "Ether Flare" which can wipe out unprepared teams with ease. Bronze Golem has exceptionally high HP and is immune to paralysis and instant death, but is rather slow and susceptible to debuffs. Taking it down before it can attack will often require using multiple high-power spells. Its attack power is very high and its normal attack can OHKO most characters, so it may be wise to keep a tank in the 1st slot if you can't defeat it in time.



Evil Forge

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
240,000 70+ 18,000 12,000 Dual Haloes
Dark Forge relies entirely on slow but powerful magical nukes. It has high MND, but only average DEF, and is equally susceptible to both paralysis and debuffs. Its only weakness is SPI, while it heavily resists MYS and slightly resists all other elements. It doesn't have much HP for a boss, so switching in fast and powerful attackers after each long-delay nuke seems to work well.

Considering the power of the normal enemies on this floor, this boss is actually refreshingly easy if you can actually manage to get to him intact, and have proper gear equipped. While some of this boss's attacks are purely damage-dealing spells, it largely relies upon poison, paralysis, and silence annoying you to death rather than outright firepower. All of its attacks are either non-elemental or MYS-based, and the non-elemental spells do little damage, and are meant for status effects alone.

Accordingly, coming equipped with status-ailment resistance and healing (Meiling or Sanae equipped with the ribbon you can find on 13F will help make up for any gaps in your resistances), and taking in several characters with high MND stats will make this fight easier. Reimu's Evil Sealing Circle will have good use here, since it deals decent damage along with paralysis, and Dark Forge is not resistant to much of anything. Likewise, Reisen and Komachi can utterly cripple him. Marisa's MYS attacks mean Master Spark is nerfed, but Patchouli's high MND and Silent Selene are potent killers, as are most of your usual boss-killing suspects. Ultimately, if you are status-resistant, and high enough of a level to survive the bronze golems on this floor, this shouldn't be anything too difficult.

As Suwako's "Moreya's Iron Ring" has the longest paralysis effect in the game, you can use her to paralyze Evil Forge pretty much the whole time and beat it with nukes like Silent Selene and Megawatt Linear Gun. (That's what I did to beat it; I'm terribly underleveled.-Circle 9)


HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
320,000 75+ 25,000 15,000 Star of Elendil
Triomagen is basically Alice's three dolls fused into one. It has extremely high speed, letting it attack often as it follows a very strict pattern. It will always use a party-wide elemental magic nuke, then cast either Healing Light or Weakening Prayer, then use a physical attack, before repeating the pattern again. It's somewhat resistant to paralysis, but vulnerable to debuffs, although its fast speed means debuffs will wear off rather quickly. It's weak to WND, neutral to NTR, and resistant to all other elements. Knowing which attack comes next in its pattern will be helpful when deciding when to safely switch a fragile character in. For example, after seeing it use Wind of Souls, it won't be using another party-wide nuke for its next two turns, so it'll be safe to switch in someone with low MND.

Weakening prayer can be very annoying, but the only other status effect it can launch besides debuffs is the low-level paralysis effect of Shield Bash (which really only targets the front two slots). Weakening prayer also only targets one character at a time, so you should consider who to protect from debuffs and paralysis in preparation for this battle accordingly. The healer portion of the Triomagen is essentially just a healer or a debuffer, while the physical portion of the triomagen will only do standard nuisance damage to a front-row character who should be a tank, anyway. The real danger comes entirely from the magic-using portion, so like most of the fights on this floor, Patchouli, put in the fourth slot, with even marginal buffs will be laughing off any magic damage coming her way, and puncturing enemy defenses. Paralysis is fairly well resisted, but definitely gives you a breather when it does work, while debuffs are not particularly useful due to the high speed of the enemy, so, aside from poison, you may want to focus entirely on buffing your own characters to reduce the damage you take and inflate the damage you give. The boss only has 320,000 hit points, and a heavily buffed Patchouli can inflict 30k-40k damage a round, so you may simply want to focus on stacking as many buffs and healing spells as possible while waiting for Patchouli or Suika, or maybe some quick switch-ins of Yuugi or Nitori to level this boss with raw might.


HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
500,000 85+ 36,000 20,000 Robe of Twilight
In a lot of ways, Yuyuko may look terrifying, but is really just the Evil Forge battle, turned serious. Yuyuko always opens with Saigyouji Flawless Nirvana, which does sizable SPI damage to the entire party with a chance of instant death. She then follows up this showstopper with status-ailment spells or (NTR-element, combination, row-attack) Sakura Blizzard for two rounds before using another one of her "serious" spells. Almost all of the serious spells she uses are SPI-elemental magic attacks that either greatly delay your turn or carry instant death, and when she drops below half health, she starts to use Saigyouji Flawless Nirvana again. This means her serious threats are all countered by heavy MND stats and buffs plus heavy death resistance, and only come up every third turn.

Preparing for this battle means dropping anyone who doesn't have high MND stat or is at least only there for being swapped in and out quickly (which you should limit to only a couple of characters). It also means preparing for paralysis, poison, and especially death status effects. Any character you aren't absolutely sure you will be swapping out of the battle lines before an attack comes should have at least high-30s death resistance if you want your party weathering Saigyouji Flawless Nirvana intact.

In trying to take Yuyuko down, she has high MND, but low DEF, and moderate resistances to status effects besides poison. She also has a half-million hit points, so this is going to be a fairly long fight. Characters like Alice or Suika, who combine high MND with Physical attacks will be useful damage-dealers (and Alice can alternately use a turn on Seeker Dolls to hopefully cut into Yuyuko's magic stat some, although it will deal 0 damage), while magic nukes like Patchouli can simply stand there with enough MND and MAG buffs (plus death resistance) to just ignore Yuyuko's attacks, and start carving chunks out of her health with Silent Selene. Characters like Ran, Reimu, Minoriko and/or Sanae, as always, are very useful in pushing your defenses up, helping you just plain outlast Yuyuko, provided you can spread the death resistance around well enough. After a long chain of MYS-resistant bosses, Yuyuko is also weak to MYS, so you can finally take Marisa with you into the boss fights again, and teach some bosses the ferocity of Master Spark!

Knights of the Round

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
80,000 See Orin 12,000 8,000 None
Knights of the Round hardly qualify as a boss battle on their own, but before fighting Orin you'll have to deal with quite a few of them with no break. Besides the two isolated battles, there's two battles of one knight, two battles of two knights, one final battle of three knights, and then Orin herself. The knights have much higher defense than mind, and are weak against FIR and SPI. Taking them down quickly enough can be difficult since they have a decent amount of HP, near immunity to debuffs and fair resistance to paralysis, and letting more than one of them live is dangerous since their attacks are fairly threatening. Putting moderately durable characters in the first few slots and more fragile nukers in the last usually works well for the earlier sets of battles, and for the later ones, Reimu's Evil Sealing Circle is fantastic for decent damage and attempt at paralysis.


HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
400,000 95+ 36,000 30,000 Holy Win

Orin by herself isn't much of a problem, the main problem is the toll left by the previous 5 battles. If possible, you want to have a tank in the first slot when the battle starts. Orin follows a simple pattern, she will use Cats Walk twice and then follow up with a more damaging special. Cats Walk has almost zero delay and can rip through weaker characters easily, but can be completely nullified with enough defense (4000 or so). Note that she will skip a Cat's Walk if she targets an empty slot, which offers you some relief, although in ideal conditions it would make little difference. Her finisher also follows the same threefold pattern, using two less dangerous specials before one more powerful one. At the start of the fight, her weaker specials are mostly ignorable with enough defense and fire affinity, but as her HP dwindles she starts using Flux of Yomotsu Hirasaka which can inflict instant death. Her stronger specials include Former Hell's Needle (strong, but no special effect), Vengeful Cannibal Spirit (a bunch of status and a nasty defense debuff to soften you up for her Cat's Walk), and as her HP goes down, Blazing Wheel, her strongest attack to offer. Having high FIR and SPI affinity for this fight is important, as well as status immunities (it really sucks having your main tank get inflicted by Flux of Yomotsu Hirasaka's Death effect). Otherwise, try to always keep someone who takes negligible damage from Cat's Walk in the front two slots, and keep them status-free. Orin has normal resistance to paralysis and debuff and no resistance to poison, so it may not be a bad idea to try to pin her down by paralysis. For the most part, as long as you don't get your formation too screwed up by the Knights, and don't get unlucky with statii, it's not a hard fight for a prepared party.

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